BTR-4 UNDER THE INFORMATION WAR: WHO BENEFITS FROM ATTACKS OF RUSSIAN MEDIA Information warfare is another hybrid front of modern war. The last attack of Russian media on the contract for BTR-4 supply to Iraq in 2011-2012, is another proof of this fact. Considering the great public interest in this issue, UKROBORONPROM press service prepared a special material that demonstrates the work of Kremlin propaganda machine at the front of the information war against Ukraine. Fighting for views On May 20, Ukrainian edition of «ZN.UA» ("Zerkalo Nedeli") on its website published  a fragment of the publication of the journalist, writing under an assumed name "Dmitry Mendeleev". Unfortunately – in order to attract readers’ attention - editors of the site published only a fragment of the article, telling not about the destructive activities of the former pro-Russian leadership of the Concern, but the very fact of this activity - attempts to sabotage BTR-4 deliveries under international contacts, in order to please the Kremlin. In a brief news, titled "only 56 vehicles - of 88 Ukrainian BTR-4 –were delivered to Iraq, " only a very attentive reader may notice that this refers to the testing, held in 2014. And the fact that the contract was signed back in 2009 and as of 2014 - despite the opposition of Russia - has long been implemented, editor of «ZN.UA» - for some reason – hasn’t mentioned. It is clear that otherwise the reader could hardly be interested in news, written 3 years ago. But this type of practice of fighting for views is disrespectful not only to the reader, but to the country. In turn, the journalist – who wrote under an assumed name "Dmitry Mendeleev" – reffering to the info about BTR-4 testing, did not specify the fact that there is a chance that in 2014 fighting vehicles that were already operated and took part in the fighting against terrorist groups were tested. Like the fact that Ukrainian BTR-4 in Iraq continue to successfully fight against IDIL today. Iraq's Defense Ministry from time to time publishes video of BTR-4, such as inspection of Ukrainian military vehicles by Defense Minister Khaled al-Obaidi. The journalist also missed the fact that BTR-4 has repeatedly proved its endurance on the battlefield in Iraq. For example, it withstood a direct hit of antitank guided missile during terrorist attack, while the main battle tank was destroyed. Due to Ukrainian military experience - mostly received due to fighting in Donbas - UKROBORONPROM engineers made numerous changes in the design of BTR-4, enhancing its effectiveness and combatant value. Attacks to the enemy's delight But, in turn, Russian media could not ignore the given distorted publication of «ZN.UA», massively coming out with the same type of news about Ukrainian BTR-4 the next day. It took only one hour for such top mouthpieces of Russian propaganda as TASS, Vesti, Russia Today to "burst" with the same news, with reference to the Ukrainian edition. After that, Ukrainian media - conducting pro-Russian policy - began to publish the given “news”. Distorted information was spread by over a dozen of top Russian media and some Ukrainian media with "Russian roots." At the same time, only two valid Ukrainian Internet sources decided to publish this "news". Under the hybrid warfare, Kremlin needs such very information background to strengthen its competition with Ukraine for Iraq arms market. Moreover, even in 2013 the Russian media launched information about alleged Iraqi interest in purchasing Russian BTR-82. Thus, the Ukrainian journalist, who allegedly has an active social position, but continues writing under an assumed name, launched, and the editor of «ZN.UA» actively helped to create a very successful fake news for Kremlin. This is not the first time, when such information attack on Ukrainian weapons is spread in the media. For example, back in April appeared "information", citing questionable or even nonexistent sources, about the alleged "disruption" of BTR-4 supply for Indonesia Marine Corps. While – according to all 47 evaluation parameters, tested by Indonesian Marines - Ukrainian armored vehicles showed excellent results. In turn, The State Concern thanks journalists, who did not spread distorted information in the interests of the enemy. In addition, we are to report that because of sanctions and international pressure, Kremlin will continue to use information attacks to maintain their position in the international weapons market.
KHARKIV ARMORED PLANTS PRESS TOUR: FIREPOWER OF BTR-4 AND MALYSHEV PLANT CAPACITIES Demonstration of running and firing capabilities of armored personnel carriers BTR-4 at the proving ground; checking capacities of the SE “Malyshev Plant” and SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau”; exclusive comments of designers and specialists of the plants – this is a press tour, organized by the State Concern "UkrOboronProm" on May 25th. APC BTR-4E is entirely Ukrainian development, competing with global counterparts. The national sample of light armored vehicles has powerful weapons, high speed and significant protection for the crew. Almost 80 BTR-4E enhanced Ukrainian Army during military operation in the East of the country. Manufacture of this type of domestic military equipment gives job to 27 thousand workers at 100 enterprises of Ukrainian defense industry. The closed production cycle and import substitution program allow using domestic components, not the Russian ones. SE “Malyshev Plant” and SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau” manufacture, modernize and repair armored vehicles for the Ukrainian Army - the main battle tanks and armored vehicles, used by the Armed Forces, National Guard and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and other armies around the world. Press tour will take place on 25.05.2017, accredited media representatives are to gather at the entrance of SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau” (Kharkiv, Plekhanivska str., 126) at 11:00. We ask media representatives to accreditate by 4 p.m. on May 24, sending name, surname and contact information by e-mail to
UKRAINIAN MIC BECOMES MORE INNOVATIVE AND IS INTEGRATING INTO THE WORLD MARKET” – DENYS GURAK The State Concern "UkrOboronProm" launched the important reform, one of the main aspects of which is work of the Innovation Platform.This was stated by UOP Deputy Director General for Foreign Economic Activity Denys Gurak in the framework of Investment Forum "NEW UKRAINE 2017", where innovative developments were represented to investors. "We started a new history of Ukrainian defense industry. Our reform involves openness of such industrial giant as "UkrOrboronProm," international cooperation, clear rules of cooperation for global companies and process innovativeness” - said Denys Gurak. He added that the goal of the Platform is to join the efforts of separate  developers, experts and investors, allowing them to systematically – on transparent commercial conditions - produce innovations for the Ukrainian Army and foreign partners. "UkrOboronProm" represented Reform Strategy for the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. It provides clear sequential steps: corporatization, auditing, clusterization, set of protection technologies and Innovation Platform launching. Corporatisation of UOP enterprises will create a transparent management structure, Supervisory Boards, establish common rules, including those for international investors.
UKROBORONPROM REPRESENTED REFORM STRATEGY ON THE INDIVIDUAL SITE SC "UkrOboronProm" launched a separate website presentation of the Reform Strategy for the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, implemented by the Concern. The site contains all the important materials for each of the strategic directions: corporatization, clustering, audit, technologies protection and launch of the General Advanced Research and Development Agency (GARDA); the platform will bring together developers, startups, investment funds and military. "This site is a handy tool for getting information about the Reform, monitoring every stage of its implementation. Step by step, we are systematically changing the domestic defense industry development, redirecting it from outdated Soviet to the modern world standards. This allows us to manufacture high quality products for the Armed Forces and to be competitive in the international arena "- said UOP representatives. UKROBORONPROM is implementing the Reform Strategy of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. It provides clear sequential steps: corporatization, auditing, clustering, integrated actions for technology protection and launch of the General Advanced Research and Development Agency (GARDA). The work is carried out simultaneously in legal, technological and production planes, allowing to integrate Ukraine’s military complex into the world community, providing its reliable and high-tech operation. Corporatization of UOP enterprises will allow to create a transparent management structure, establish common rules, including those for international investors. Clustering will allow to join main enterprises, to provide closed production cycle, to develop new military equipment and produce the latest products. Transparent audit allow investors to objectively evaluate the opportunities and prospects for cooperation with the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. Protection technologies will help to establish solid information panels to counter military aggression of Russia.  
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Combat module “Taipan” In the framework of international exhibition "Arms and Security" (Kiev) Ukrainian public premiere of the combat module "Taipan" - developed by UOP SE "SpetsTehnoEksport"  - was held. Specifications of the new combat module "Taipan" meet the highest Western standards. Installed system of backlash planetary gearboxes and ac converter-fed motors, provide precise targeting at ultra slow and high speeds make combat module “Taipan” unique. Owing to modern electronics, "Taipan" provides automatic targeting, keeps armament in the defined position, regardless repositioning  of the combat vehicle’s hull in motion, providing automatic tracking of a target. Automated targeting system - with allowance for weather, projectile type, armament type, angular velocity and target range - is installed into the combat module. Also fighting module installed automatically issuing commands guidance given weather conditions, such as shells, type of arms, angular velocity and range goals. Sight system can be adjusted both to the line-of-sight and horizon line. Currently, “Taipan” is equipped with a rapid-fire cannon caliber double-barreled 23 mm, the effective range of which reaches 1.8 km. Other combat module modifications can be equipped with a machine gun 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm, and 30 mm grenade launcher with a separate elevation drive unite. The minimum weight of the combat module is only 350 kg. In addition, this module can be mounted not on mobile platforms only, but also equip fortified structures - such as checkpoints - controlling the module remotely, or use it as a SAFU without power supply, the combat module "Taipan" can work 3 hours in such a mode. “Together with our Ukrainian partners we have created combat module technical characteristics of which will arouse Ukrainian armored vehicles producers’ interest. Moreover, all the electronics and software are designed by Ukrainian specialists”, – said director of SFTE “Spetstehnoeksport” Pavlo Barbul.  
Combat module “Taipan”
BMP-1UMD UKROBORONPROM State Enterprise "Zhytomyr Armored Plant" adapted German Deutz engine for use in infantry fighting vehicles. Modernized infantry vehicle received its official name BMP-1UMD. The first public demonstration of BMP-1UMD took place at the exhibition "Arms and Security", October 11 at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev. Works on Russian UTD-20 replacement by Deutz TCD2013 L64V took only three months. This 4-stroke, 6-cylinder turbosupercharged engine with electronic control unit has 330 hp power, with the possibility of increasing power up to 390 hp, while UTD-20 engine has only 300 hp. In addition, the German engine has significantly more resources it quieter and more economical. "Infantry fighting vehicle adaptation for German Deutz engines use is another step in UOP import substitution program fulfillment. Other Ukrainian armored vehicles such as BTR-4 - produced by SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau” - are equipped with engines of this manufacturer,” - said the head of the SC" UkrOboronProm" Roman Romanov. Works on improvement of firepower, fire control, ergonomic and functional characteristics of the vehicle were carried out when working on BMP-1UMD. Special attention Ukrainian specialists paid to camouflage in visible and IR band.        
PHANTOM – WARRIOR OF THE FUTURE. PUBLIC PREMIERE AT “ARMS AND SECURITY” "Phantom" is one of the most advanced developments of UKROBORONPROM    SE "SpetsTehnoEksport". It is the first step in development of advanced systems that will replace traditional armament. The first public demonstration of tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle "Phantom" took place at the exhibition "Arms and Security", which started on October 11 at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev. "Unmanned multipurpose tactical vehicle" Phantom" is a response to the challenges of technological era, pressing its demands to creating entirely new armament types: unmanned, multi-functional and capable of performing tasks that are now performed by soldiers only, endangering their lives. These are the characteristics, demonstrated by "Phantom", "- said the head of the SC "UkrOboronProm" Roman Romanov, explaining the peculiarities of the new unit of the military equipment. Tactical Unmanned multipurpose vehicle “Phantom” is a remotely operated mini armored carrier. Day and night sighting systems allow to fire at any time of the day for a distance of over 1 km. Its operational range is up to 20 km, it is operated by means of secure radio channel or via fiber cable of 5 km length. “Phantom” can transport ammunition, retrieve wounded from the battlefield and perform combat missions. "Phantom" capabilities are difficult to overestimate: they allow him to perform a wide range of tasks. This equipment can deliver ammunition and loads across the areas that are under the threat of enemy fire, or at risk of mining, to safely and quickly evacuate wounded from the battlefield. Different types of armament can be mounted on "Phantom" for fire support. For example, if "Phantom" is equipped with anti-missile system - the army receives nearly invisible, mobile and effective means of enemy armored vehicles’ destruction,"- said the head of SE "SpetsTehnoEksport" Pavlo Barbul. The XIII International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2016" will be held 11-14 October 2016 at the International Exhibition Center, which is located at Brovary Avenue, 15.      
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