The expanded commission regarding the SE “Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Plant” – Mykolayiv Plant management representatives, representatives of UKROBORONPROM, the Mykolayiv Regional State Administration, Ukrainian Navy, as well as representatives of labor unions – reviewed the state of the enterprise and further ways to solve problems.

In the judgement of all the participants, further fate of the GM cruiser is the key factor in solving enterprise wage arrears. Keeping GM cruiser since the end of 2014 is being carried out at the expense of the enterprise, as the budget does not allocate funds to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to pay for these works.

Thus, the budget debt to the State Enterprise "Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Plant" now amounts to more than 80 million UAH, while the accumulated wage arrears amount to 65+ million UAH.

Since 2016, the SE "Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Plant keeps waiting for the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the further fate of the GM cruiser.

"We are manufacturers, we do what the customer orders. This can be either demilitarization of the cruiser or finishing building. "There is no way out of this situation without immediate decision of the Cabinet of Ministers concearning the GM cruiser," – emphasized Valeriy Kalashnikov, the acting director of Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Plant.

"We are also interested in adoption of the rule. If the cruiser is demilitarized, its weapons will enhance the existing warships" said Andriy Polishchuk, Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Navy.

We must note that the issue of maintaining GM cruiser is of key importance for Ukraine. This is the ship of 11,500 tons and a 186.4 meters length, if the work on its maintenance is not carried out, the vessel might sink and that will lead to an environmental disaster, pollution of the waters of Inhul, Southern Bug and the Black Sea. In turn, the cost of raising the ship of this class and eliminating the consequences of the disaster will cost hundreds of millions of hryvnias.

At the same time, the SE “Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Plant” continues works on ensuring break-even activity. Meetings with representatives of the Naval Forces of Ukraine have already been held; they considered the possibility of repairing the warships at the Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Plant.

Also, during the meeting, it was decided to appeal to the local authorities of Mykolayiv to join the decision of their colleagues from other cities of Ukraine, which already remitted land tax for defense enterprises. In SE “Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Plant” case, it’s about 700 thousand hryvnias land tax per month, which is about 8.5 million UAH per year – accrued despite the state of the enterprise.