UKROBORONPROM AND NABU WILL JOINTLY FIGHT CORRUPTION IN DEFENSE SECTOR UKROBORONPROM AND NABU WILL JOINTLY FIGHT CORRUPTION IN DEFENSE SECTOR Ukroboronprom State Company and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine will cooperate in the field of preventing and combating corruption, as well as other crimes under investigation by NABU, in the field of management of state-owned enterprises in the defense industry. The relevant Memorandum of Cooperation and Information Exchange between the institutions was signed by the Acting Director General of Ukroboronprom SC Ihor Fomenko and the Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnyk. "We strive to make the defense sector, which has historically been considered one of the most corrupt in Ukraine, transparent and accountable. For us, the signing of the Memorandum with the NABU is a logical step in implementing the corporate security policy of Ukroboronprom, aimed at creating zero tolerance for law violations. During the year of our work, we have done a lot in this direction: Ukroboronprom’s Corruption Contacting Policy has been implemented; our purchases, as well as the sale and lease of the Concern's surplus assets have been proactively transferred to the Prozorro website. Our management team voluntarily passes polygraph once a year; we are also interested in involving NABU specialists in the selection of  the candidates for management positions at defense enterprises - with the use of the polygraph as well. Besides, the first pilot forensic audit of the Antonov Company has been recently completed and its results have been submitted to the NABU and Security Service of Ukraine. We break "schemes" in defense every day, and in response we receive a number of paid publications against us. This reaction is the best assessment of our work," said Acting General Director of Ukroboronprom Igor Fomenko. Artem Sytnyk stressed that NABU and Ukroboronprom have a common task - to prevent and combat corruption in the defense sector: "This is not the beginning, but a logical continuation of our cooperation, we hope that it will be systematic, because the work of anti-corruption bodies is still opposed. We are ready to identify the most problematic points in the work of Ukroboronprom, where an immediate response from law enforcement agencies is needed, and we will provide all possible support from our side," the NABU Director stressed. Thanks to the anti-corruption measures implemented in Ukroboronprom, the number of violations in the Concern has significantly decreased over the year, as evidenced by the statistics of open criminal proceedings. Thus, in 2019, 27 criminal proceedings for abuse of procurement were opened, in 2020 - only 5. In the field of foreign economic activity in 2019 - 39 criminal proceedings were opened, in 2020 - 29. In total, in 2019, all law enforcement agencies registered 248 proceedings, and in 2020 - 149. "We consider it our duty to provide all possible assistance to NABU in conducting pre-trial investigations. We expect that the agreements reached today will be an important step to improve the mechanism of bringing to justice those responsible for causing damage to defense companies, " Igor Fomenko added. Over the past year, Ukroboronprom has reset relations with law enforcement agencies, making them more transparent and effective. Thus, in November 2019, Ukroboronprom initiated the meeting with representatives of the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine (NABU, SIB, NPU, SSU, SFSU) to strengthen cooperation and assistance in the investigation of criminal and corruption violations during the previous years of the Company’s operation. Since then, Ukroboronprom has been cooperating with law enforcement agencies and proactively providing them with information on detected violations. [gallery ids="9233,9234,9232"]

Ukroboronprom named further steps of continuing the reform: adoption of a bill on transformation and non-interference in its operations

Ukroboronprom named further steps of continuing the reform: adoption of a bill on transformation and non-interference in its operations Ukroboronprom named further steps of continuing the reform: adoption of a bill on transformation and non-interference in its operations "We will oppose manual control and demand fair rules of the game" - the management of SC "Ukroboronprom" explained what they expect from the Ministry of Strategic Industries. The State Concern Ukroboronprom once again supported the existence of the Ministry of Strategic Industries, but warned against interfering in its own activities and against bias in the Ministry's assessments. This was discussed during a briefing of the Concern's top management, which took place on Friday. "We want to discuss the current situation honestly, openly and publicly. We do not blame anyone, we only present the facts. That is how we are taking the discussion about the situation that has developed with our transformation processes to a new level" stated the Igor Fomenko, the Acting Director General “For the last 2 weeks we have witnessed the black PR campaign against us. We see articles in different media where whole paragraphs are identical. Those who ordered them have crossed certain red lines. We were accused of breaking the law, of unprofessionalism and this referred to certain individuals in our team. I find this unacceptable - we will not allow anyone to insult or humiliate us. No one knows the processes that are taking place at Ukroboronprom's enterprises better than us. To state in public that we "don't know what's going on,"and that we've "lost touch," is a complete lie" - he added. Fomenko also stressed that the concern's management team helped the ministry since its establishment and it is ready to continue providing support in the future. "We support the Ministry of Strategy and Industry. We understand how important it is for Ukraine. It should set policies not only for the Ukroboronprom, but also for other strategic enterprises. There should be the same rules for everyone that should be defined. We support having a body that determines policy in the field of defence industry complex.. We fully support any action in this direction, but we are against interfering in our daily activities. " According to Fomenko, the Concern's team is ready to perform its work professionally and honestly and be accountable on the results. “Our current results tell us that the plans we set for ourselves will be fulfilled. We want to reach another level of both communications and the trust of our customers. But we want fair, open and public rules of the game. We want to be understood and perceived as a reliable, worthy partner who is responsible for every word he says. ” “We favour a systemic approach, we are against manual control. We stress that due to the fact that we cover 36% of the total state defense order, the reform of Ukroboronprom is not equal to the reform of the entire defense-industrial complex. We are only part of it. The reform we have developed applies only to those enterprises that are part of Ukroboronprom. Fomenko also noted that at the beginning of his work as Acting Director General of Ukroboronprom, jointly with the team, he defined the principles of cooperation and interaction. Oup principles are "Honesty, openness, teamwork, efficiency, zero tolerance to corruption, goal orientation, work for the state's benefit and absence of bias in decision-making. For us, this is not empty talk, this is what we follow every day. We are not going to engage in shadow deals and cabinet wars. We want to build a strong and independent Ukraine that abides by the law and justice. ” Acting Director General Igor Fomenko also named the conditions necessary to resume the process of reforming the state concern. "It is necessary that the reform process to resume. We want the debate on Bill 3822 to be resumed so that it can be adopted as soon as possible. This requires that the committee and the Verkhovna Rada be fully involved in the discussion and amendment process. ” Fomenko stressed that the Concern does not believe that the situation is deadlocked, and in order to to proceed you need to have an open discussion on the processes and conditions of reform, adoption of the Bill 3822, on the transformation of "Ukroboronprom" and non-interference in Ukroboronprom by the ministry . ”Ihor Fomenko summed up "We want the government to take special control of the transformation of the country's defense industry. We are ready to report on what we are doing. We want to hear objective criticism, but we do not want our job to be hindered. Since I was appointed Acting Director General I am personally responsible for everything that happens at Ukroboronprom. I will make my own decisions, including staff appointments, based on the basic principles: professionalism, law, work for the company, work for the state."


UKROBORONPROM: REFORM OF DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX IS UNDER THREAT OF CURTAILMENT UKROBORONPROM: REFORM OF DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX IS UNDER THREAT OF CURTAILMENT The State Concern "Ukroboronprom" (hereinafter – UOP or Ukroboronprom) is voicing its concern regarding the curtailment of Ukraine's defense industry reform and interference into its economic activities by the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Ministry). A year ago, UOP's new management team received the mandate of confidence from President Volodymyr Zelensky to stabilize the work of Ukroboronprom and prepare a strategy for reforming it. Despite all the complications associated with the pandemic, during 1 year tenure in the office, management team has fulfilled all obligations under UOP’s existing contracts, kept Ukroboronprom financial performance at pre-crisis level and allowed no untransparent staff appointments, whereas the law enforcement bodies initiated no criminal proceedings against members of the new commands. The management team put forward the strategy for reforming Ukroboronprom, which was fully supported by the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Ukraine, National Security and Defense Council and international partners. In June of the current year, we filed a bill aimed at launching the groundbreaking reform for the country. The Ministry was established in July 2020, in pursuance of the Decree of the President of Ukraine №59/2020. Its task is to form and implement state policy in defense industry sector. The leadership of newly established Ministry has publicly committed itself to not interfere in the economic activities of state-owned enteprises, in particular, declared it to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, President of Ukraine, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, as well as to representatives of the G7 countries. The Ministry publicly supported the reform concept proposed by the UOP's management team and familiarized themselves in detail with all strategic documents on the reform of Ukroboronprom. However, for the third month in a row, the Ministry has been systematically blocking the reform of Ukroboronprom and the defense industry complex as a whole. In particular: the preparation of the Strategy of the defense industry complex hasn’t started yet; Ukroboronprom’s Individual Ownership Policy, developed at the time of the establishment of the new Ministry and approved by the relevant state authorities, has not been approved; at the insistence of the Ministry, the consideration of bills necessary to start reforming public sector of the defense industry was suspended. At the same time, in four months, the Ministry has not put forward any alternative proposals or systematic comments on bills proposed by Ukrainian MPs; work has still not begun on the preparation of key regulations that are necessary for the implementation of new Law "On Defense Procurement", which is due to enter into force on January 1, 2021. This may pause a threat to stop the entire process of signing contracts with manufacturers of weapons and military equipment for the needs of Ukrainian Armed Forces and other customers; Ukroboronprom's repeated appeals to solve key producers’ problems with pricing, state guarantees, treasury accounts and others have not been studied and considered; the critical situation with the implementation of the State target program for the creation and development of production of ammunition and special chemicals has not been resolved. In addition, contrary to current legislation and in violation of state property management standards, from the first day of work, the Ministry, since its inception, interferes in the activities of Ukroboronprom in the form of verbal instructions and numerous insistences. In particular, we affirm that there are systematic demands and recommendations for the appointment of third persons as directors of UOP’s constituent companies, namely such companies as "Ukrspetsexport", "Spetstechnoexport", "Ukrobronservice", SE "Kyiv Armored Plant", PJSC "Kyiv Radar Plant", Ivano-Frankivsk boiler house-welding plant and enterprises in Lviv region, etc. On a separate issue, we draw attention to strong demands for the dismissal of Ukroboronprom employees responsible for security, exports, relations with state authorities and for transformation. Such methods directly contradict OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises, implementation of which was officially announced by Ukraine (in particular, by fixing them at the level of the Strategy for Improving the Efficiency of Public Sector entities), and may bear the signs of abuse of influence and conflict of interests that lead to corruption risks. It should be emphasized that according to the current legislation and the Charter of Ukroboronprom, the function of the owner in relation to Ukroboronprom can be performed only by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through appropriate supervision and control by the Supervisory Board. In accordance with its regulations, the Ministry performs only the function of formulating state policy and appropriate regulation in the defense industry. The Ministry does not have the authority to manage state-owned enterprises that do not belong to its sphere of management. We consider such actions inadmissible and undermining the credibility of the declared intentions, goals and objectives set before the Ministry, in accordance with the Program of Actions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. We, therefore, address President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov, and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Oleksandr Zavitnevych with a request to take into consideration the current situation around the reform of the defense industry complex. We hope for a balanced and active position of the state leadership to ensuring the defense capabilities of a country in war.


В УКРАЇНІ МІНІСТРИ ВЖЕ 5 РОКІВ НЕ ВПЛИВАЮТЬ НА ПРИЗНАЧЕННЯ КЕРІВНИКІВ ДЕРЖКОМПАНІЙ – АЙВАРАС АБРОМАВИЧУС В УКРАЇНІ МІНІСТРИ ВЖЕ 5 РОКІВ НЕ ВПЛИВАЮТЬ НА ПРИЗНАЧЕННЯ КЕРІВНИКІВ ДЕРЖКОМПАНІЙ – АЙВАРАС АБРОМАВИЧУС "В Україні міністри вже 5 років не впливають на призначення керівників держкомпаній”, – так прокоментував генеральний директор ДК "Укроборонпром" Айварас Абромавичус агентству "Інтерфакс" інформацію про наміри замінити все керівництво Концерну. "Днями відбулася планова зустріч з Президентом щодо анонсованої раніше зміни моєї ролі в Концерні і пов’язаних із цим заходів наступності, перезавантаженням наглядової ради Концерну. Я зробив Президенту пропозицію розглянути в якості нового очільника Укроборонпрому одного з найсильніших членів нашої команди. Це гарантує продовження розпочатої трансформації, збереження швидкості змін, з якими рухається Концерн, та команди, яка їх втілює.  На зустрічі з Президентом також був присутній віце-прем’єр Уруський. Мав нагоду обговорити з ним і його останні заяви та реформу Укроборонпрому в цілому.  Я щиро радий, що пан Уруський так швидко увійшов в курс справ у Концерні, адже п’ять років тому він відійшов від державного управління галуззю. Як надзвичайно досвідчена людина він знає, яким чином розвивалась компанія і як ніхто інший розуміє, що наша команда стала першою за всю історію існування Концерну, яка впритул наблизилась до створення секторальних корпорацій та зміни ролі Концерну. Про потребу ліквідації та переосмислення задач “Укроборонпрому” ми заявили на самому початку роботи. І тут наше бачення збігається – у тій ролі, в якій створювали Концерн, він більше не має існувати.  Мушу сказати, що ми однаково розуміємо проблеми і Концерну, і галузі. Однак по-різному бачимо інструменти їх вирішення. Це раніше у нас олігархи призначали міністрів, а міністри – керівників найбільших державних компаній. Уже 5 років Україна намагається жити за новими правилами. З 2015 року триває реформа корпоративного управління, яку ми розпочали з командою в МЕРТ. Держава поступово цивілізує підходи до володіння та управління стратегічними держкомпаніями. На державних підприємствах впроваджують міжнародні стандарти: інститут наглядових рад, які призначають незалежного директора; антикорупційні політики, аудити та процедури запобігання конфлікту інтересів.  В Україні вже 5 років як міністри не втручаються у призначення керівників держкомпаній та кадрові питання. Деполітизація призначення гендиректора та можливість самостійно формувати свою команду – це золотий стандарт міжнародного менеджменту та принципи ОЕСР, які Україна зобовязалась запровадити на стратегічних підприємствах державної форми власності. Недотримання базових принципів ОЕСР  суперечить і чинним законам, і духу реформи корпоративного управління всіх державних компаній, і, найважливіше, несе колосальні корупційні ризики. Більше того, порушення цих стандартів саме в Укроборонпромі призведе до втрати фінансової допомоги Євросоюзу у розмірі 1,3 млрд євро, умовою отримання яких є збереження темпів впровадження реформи корпоративного управління у державних компаніях. При цьому, на самому початку створення міністерства, віце-прем’єр запевнив усіх стейкхолдерів та скептиків, що буде чітке розмежування функцій формування політики та власника.  Щиро сподіваюся, що саме так і буде, і що совкова система кадрової політики і ручного управління державними підприємствами залишиться у нашому минулому. Адже саме такий підхід тридцять років незалежності тримав оборонно-промисловий комплекс країни у заручниках політичних інтересів і призвів до масштабних розкрадань у галузі.  Також нагадую, що жоден нормативно-правовий акт не наділяє віце-прем’єр-міністра України правом на подібні кадрові призначення. Порядок призначення і звільнення керівництва і співробітників державного концерну "Укроборонпром" регулюються двома базовими документами – законом "Про особливості управління об’єктами оборонно-промислового комплексу" та статутом Концерну.  Згідно з ним, гендиректор Укроборонпрому призначається Президентом України за поданням Прем’єр-міністра України, а виключне право звільнення і призначення співробітників Державного Концерну "Укроборонпром" належить Генеральному директору компанії. Вкотре повторюю, що зараз Концерн найбільше готовий до трансформації за всі роки існування. І для впровадження цих змін моя команда зробила дуже багато – більше, ніж будь-хто до нас за всі попередні роки. Йдеться не тільки про стратегії трансформації: ми змінили культуру роботи, розпочали аудит, частково впровадили міжнародні стандарти роботи в концерні, який за духом лишався радянським. Концерн зараз і концерн зразка 2014 року – це дві різні компанії. І наша команда готова довести розпочату справу до кінця і зробити ці зміни невідворотніми.  Напередодні свого призначення віце-прем’єр-міністр публічно та відкрито підтримав нашу стратегію реформування Концерну та наш базовий законопроект про корпоратизацію.  Тому мені не зовсім зрозумілі заяви про зміну команди, яка все це зробила в умовах пандемії та національного карантину, закритих світових ринках, затримці з ДОЗ, колосальній протидії одних стейкхолдерів і бездіяльності інших; зміні Уряду, трьох міністрів фінансів, двох міністрів оборони і так далі.  Реформи в Укроборонпромі тільки починаються. Вони складні, комплексні, для окремих осіб – дуже незручні. На жаль, не швидкі. Але вони мають бути продовжені.  Сформована чесна та професійна команда, якій можуть позаздрити не тільки державні компанії, але і приватний сектор.  Нам потрібна підтримка новоствореного Міністерства: довгострокове та прогнозоване, своєчасне оборонне замовлення – як гарантія ритмічності завантаження роботою наших підприємств; фінансування нових перспективних розробок; зрозуміле та чесне ціноутворення на нашу продукцію; ухвалення законів про корпоратизацію та фінансове оздоровлення; замовлення на літаки, реформування роботи державної експертної служби і багато іншого.  Сьогодні в Концерні працюють сучасні управлінці високого рівня, готові впроваджувати розроблену стратегію трансформації. Бажання і вміння є – потрібна підтримка! 

(UK) Укроборонпром презентував у Луцьку другий галузевий холдинг – авіаремонтів (ФОТО)

(UK) Укроборонпром презентував у Луцьку другий галузевий холдинг – авіаремонтів (ФОТО) (UK) Укроборонпром презентував у Луцьку другий галузевий холдинг – авіаремонтів (ФОТО)   [gallery columns="4" ids="8803,8804,8805,8806,8807,8808,8809,8810"]


(UK) ІНФОКАРТА: НЕКЕРОВАНА РЕАКТИВНА РАКЕТА РС-80 (UK) ІНФОКАРТА: НЕКЕРОВАНА РЕАКТИВНА РАКЕТА РС-80 Як стратегічний виробник озброєння та військової техніки для сил оборони та безпеки України, Укроборонпром прагне аби в арсеналі українського війська було більше сучасного, якісного, високотехнологічного та надійного озброєння, здатного захистити нашу державу та зберегти життя наших військових. Інфокарта – це у зручний спосіб структурована інформація про перспективні продукти підприємств-учасників Укроборонпрому, які здатні захистити Україну на землі, на воді та в небі. #UOPvNebi представляє: Некерований реактивний снаряд РС-80 Розробник: Державна акціонерна холдингова компанія «Артем» (м. Київ) Що це: PC-80 - некерований реактивний снаряд повітряного базування з кумулятивно-осколковою бойовою частиною. Призначення: РС-80 призначений для ураження броньованих цілей, танків, бронетранспортерів, САУ, а також неброньованих наземних цілей, ракет, пускових установок, радіолокаційних станцій, літаків на стоянках, живої сили противника, фортифікаційних споруд та інших цілей. Застосування: ракети РС-80 можуть застосовуватися не тільки для комплектації авіації, а також у складі озброєння перспективних наземних платформ, і навіть на десантно-штурмових катерах. Характеристики (дві модифікації): Калібр - 80 мм Довжина - 1528-1542 мм (1590-1600 мм) Стартова маса ракети - 12,15 кг Маса бойової частини - 4,6 кг Маса вибухової речовини - 0,9 кг (1,1 кг) Товщина пробивної броні (30о до нормалі) - до 430 мм Дальність пуску - 1300-5000 м Максимальна швидкість ракети - 625 м\с Температурний діапазон роботи +/-60 Со Особливість: Завдяки збільшенню ваги бойової частини з 3,6 до 4,6 кг, ракета може пробивати 400 мм броні при дальності запуску у 1,2 - 4 кілометри. Для розширення області ефективного застосування та уніфікації модифікацій, розробниками ДАХК "Артем" передбачено оснащення РС-80 різними бойовими частинами та детонаторами. Так, оснащення цієї ракети пучково-осколковою бойовою частиною з програмованим підривачем дозволяє здійснювати підрив ракети безпосередньо у повітрі за декілька метрів від цілі. Дана модифікація розроблена для боротьби з БПЛА у складі ЗРК. Дальність ураження повітряних цілей - до 4 км, наземних - понад 7 км. Статус: наразі РС-80 вже пройшов повний цикл випробувань, в тому числі, державних та поставлений на озброєння. Триває виготовлення першої партії виробів на замовленння МО України.

Management reshuffling of ANTONOV company to accelerate the reset of Ukraine’s aviation industry

Management reshuffling of ANTONOV company to accelerate the reset of Ukraine’s aviation industry Management reshuffling of ANTONOV company to accelerate the reset of Ukraine’s aviation industry June 9, 2020, the State Concern “UkrOboronProm”, which coordinates the activities of the largest state defense and aviation enterprises of Ukraine, has took decision to change the top-management of ANTONOV company.  Mr. Oleksandr Los, Antonov's Vice President and a head of design, has been appointed as an acting president of the company. The corresponding decision was signed by Mr. Aivaras Abromavicius, the Director General of the “UkrOboronProm”. “The top-management changes will not affect the operational work of ANTONOV company, which will continue to fulfill all its obligations to Ukrainian and foreign customers. The main purpose of this management transition is to accelerate the process of transformation of the state enterprise into a modern and powerful manufacturer of transport aircrafts. I am sure that a new, experienced manager with modern perspectives, we will be able to achieve it quickly,” – Mr. Aivaras Abromavicius, the General Director of “UkrOboronProm” said. 42-year Olexander Los is a representative of the new generation of ANTONOV company. During 18 years at ANTONOV he went his career path from engineer to chief aircraft designer and vice president of the company. His experience and knowledge in the aircraft industry will ensure the continuation of all design and production developments and processes of the company during the period of management reshuffling. In general, management transition at the state-owned company will allow to set transparent corporate governance processes and to accelerate the pace of AN-series aircraft production. It should be stated, that one of the main tasks set by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the new management of “UkrOboronProm” is the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for the transformation of the defense industry, which includes aviation enterprises of Ukraine. The aim of the reform is to strengthen the defense sector qualitatively, increase the production of modern equipment, as well as to intensify a creation of innovative developments and to develop of heavy industry at whole. All branches of state power in Ukraine are involved in the implementation of the reform, and the President of Ukraine keeps its implementation under personal control. In general, at the first stage the reform, initiated by the new team of “UkrOboronProm”, provides the corporatization of state owned defense enterprises in accordance with the new legislation and their gradual introduction of international standards of corporate governance of state-owned companies. Within this particular stage, among other things, there are personnel changes of those managers who are unable to implement the necessary reforms at corporate level due to their ideological bias and prepossession. Thus, during the last 9 months “UkrOboronProm” has changed the management at 16 strategic defense enterprises. Totally, top-managers of 26 state owned enterprises of “UkrOboronProm” have been substituted. As part of the second stage of the reform, the “UkrOboronProm” enterprises will be consolidated into branch state holding companies. Currently, it is planned to create at least 6 state holding companies: aviation, aircraft repair, missile, armored, as well as radar and marine groups of companies (holdings or corporations). As of today, at its production facilities ANTONOV company has launched serial production of AN-178 aircraft, renewed serial production of AN-148 and AN-158, continues works on the development of the international AN-132 project and continues the project of research and development of an AN-188 medium transport aircraft. Recall, that ANTONOV company has a 74-year history. It is one of the few companies in the world, which performs the full cycle of producing of the modern aircraft - from pre-design research to construction, testing, certification, series production and after-sales service. ANTONOV company is a designer of more than 100 types and modifications of passenger, transport and specialized aircraft, produced in the volume of more than 22,000 units and exported to more than 70 countries. The carrying capacity of AN transport aircraft is from 1.5 to 250 tons. They work equally effectively in different climatic zones, in cold and heat, on the plains and in the highlands. The President of Ukraine also carries out his official flights with the AN-148 and AN-74 aircrafts manufactured by the ANTONOV company.

SE SPC Iskra has Provided Radar In-Depth Modernisation for MDU

SE SPC Iskra has Provided Radar In-Depth Modernisation for MDU SE SPC Iskra has Provided Radar In-Depth Modernisation for MDU SE SPC Iskra, which is the part of SC Ukroboronprom, has provided the capital repair and modernisation of 19Zh6 radar after which it receives the new index 35D6M and actually, became the new modern radar. The company noticed that the modernization was carried out as a part of the state defence order 2020. “The station has been operated in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for almost 30 years and has been serviced by the Iskra's specialists all this time. As a result of the latest deep modernization, the radar, in terms of its specifications, has in fact become a new, modern radar that meets all necessary requirements of today", said Yuri Pashchenko, director of Iskra. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="8475,8476"] Such modernization has a significant export potential and may be of interest to foreign partners, the enterprise noticed. Today, a large number of such old models’ radars as 19Zh6, 36D6, with a service life of more than 20 years, are working all over the world. “36D6 radar has been in operation in the United States of America for more than 10 years, and two Iskra's radars were delivered to USA in the recent years. These radars should be repaired and modernized, and as a result, the customer receives the new modern radar. Therein, the cost of repair and modernization is much less than the purchase of new station. This is a promising area of the enterprise's activity and is of interest to foreign partners, as the stations have been able to perform their combat tasks for more than 20 years, even in difficult climatic conditions,” - summarized the director of Iskra. All assemblies and components with physical or moral wear were replaced, the protective and paint coating was renewed, the ability of the station to work in the stated climatic conditions were restored during radar repair and modernization. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="8477,8478"] "The modernized radar has increasing range and coordinates detection accuracy, trajectory parameters are improved due to modern software solutions, expanded functionality and reduced maintenance costs," - said Yuri Pashchenko about the working details carried out by the company. The level of false plots, during the operation at the mountains, was decreased after the changing the probing signals shaper in the station. The radar cooling system has also been upgraded what made the possibility to increase the actual life of klystrons. “I'd like to make a pointed reference that the modernized radar displays information of meteorological phenomena location and intensity - these data are very useful in controlling the pilot's actions. We also paid considerable attention to the comfortable working conditions for radar crew - we have installed new workplaces, have equipped the indicator compartment with air conditioning and heater, "- said the director of the enterprise about the modernization features. Radar can be additionally equipped with four remote workplaces - this allows to control the station in full at a distance up to 300 meters. Radar can also be optionally equipped with equipment set for interaction directly with anti-aircraft missile complexes. SE SPC Iskra has many years of experience in the manufacturing and modernization of such radars as 19Zh6, 35D6, 36D6.Enterprise's specialists provide technical support for Radar operation throughout the life cycle of stations, both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. This factor is very important for military equipment, which shall perform combat duty 24 hours and continuously and ensure the air control”, Yuriy Pashchenko pointed out. He added that the company's ability to provide technical support, modernization and software upgrades of products, which are in service abroad is highly valued by foreign partners in choosing reliable and efficient equipment.