Combat module "Taipan"

Combat module "Taipan" Combat module "Taipan" In the framework of international exhibition "Arms and Security" (Kiev) Ukrainian public premiere of the combat module "Taipan" - developed by UOP SE "SpetsTehnoEksport"  - was held. Specifications of the new combat module "Taipan" meet the highest Western standards. Installed system of backlash planetary gearboxes and ac converter-fed motors, provide precise targeting at ultra slow and high speeds make combat module “Taipan” unique. Owing to modern electronics, "Taipan" provides automatic targeting, keeps armament in the defined position, regardless repositioning  of the combat vehicle’s hull in motion, providing automatic tracking of a target. Automated targeting system - with allowance for weather, projectile type, armament type, angular velocity and target range - is installed into the combat module. Also fighting module installed automatically issuing commands guidance given weather conditions, such as shells, type of arms, angular velocity and range goals. Sight system can be adjusted both to the line-of-sight and horizon line. Currently, “Taipan” is equipped with a rapid-fire cannon caliber double-barreled 23 mm, the effective range of which reaches 1.8 km. Other combat module modifications can be equipped with a machine gun 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm, and 30 mm grenade launcher with a separate elevation drive unite. The minimum weight of the combat module is only 350 kg. In addition, this module can be mounted not on mobile platforms only, but also equip fortified structures - such as checkpoints - controlling the module remotely, or use it as a SAFU without power supply, the combat module "Taipan" can work 3 hours in such a mode. “Together with our Ukrainian partners we have created combat module technical characteristics of which will arouse Ukrainian armored vehicles producers’ interest. Moreover, all the electronics and software are designed by Ukrainian specialists”, – said director of SFTE “Spetstehnoeksport” Pavlo Barbul.  

Portable antitank guided missile launcher "Stugna P"

Portable antitank guided missile launcher "Stugna P" Portable antitank guided missile launcher "Stugna P" Manufacturer: Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” Portable antitank guided missile launcher "Stugna P" is designed for: Portable anti-tank missile system "STUGNA P" is intended to destroy stationary and moving modern armored targets with composite, array or monolithic armor, including active armor, as well as pinpoint targets like weapon emplacements, a tank in a trench, light-armored objects and helicopters. Main Stugna P peculiarity is the ability to aim the missile from closed position and storage depots, reducing the risk of gun-layer destruction by enemy return fire. Main Specifications Firing range, m: - in the daytime - At night 100-5000 100-3000 Maximum range total flight time, sec 23 Guidance system by laser beam with automatic target tracking Warhead: - type - Active armor piercing cumulative tandem not less than 800 Weight, kg: - Missile in container - Launcher - Pointing device - Remote control - Thermal imaging module   29,5 32 15,5 10 6 Overall dimensions: - Missile caliber - Shot length - Outer diameter of the container   130 1360 140 Operating temperature range ºС from - 40  to +60  


UAV "SPECTATOR" UAV "SPECTATOR"   Manufacturer: OJSC “Meridian” named after S.P. Korolyov Main Specifications: The system consists of: 1-3 drones, ground station, radio control panel, plug-in battery kit, antennas, backpack. Key Competitive advantages: Easy to transport, the optimum size when folded into back pack (1300х400х200mm) The minimum time for preparation for launch of a disassembled state (up to 2 minutes) Low noise and visibility Optimal ratio of payload weight to unit weight The high aerodynamic qualities Main Specifications Span - 3000 mm Length - 1295 mm Flight speed - 40/120 km / h Maximum altitude - 2000 m Operating range - 20 km Flight duration - 120 minutes Payload weight: 2 kg Payload mass - 1.5 kg Maximum takeoff weight - 5.5 kg Type of propulsion - electric Taking off – hand launch Landing - a parachute Range - 30/50 km Control mode - automatic / semi automatic / manual  


PORTABLE RIFLE “HOPAK” PORTABLE RIFLE “HOPAK” Manufacturer: PJSC«Plant «Mayak» Portable rifle "Hopak" was developed on the basis of f AKM rifle for hidden aimed fire in urban areas There may be various modifications, according to the set of operational and tactical tasks. Rifle caliber - 7,62x39 Weight -  less than 5 kg Firing rate - 30 rounds per minute. ‘Hopak” can be equipped with special silencer, if necessary.   Main Specifications Length - 870 mm with silencer, 720 mm. without silencer. Caliber - 7,62x39 Rifle weight - 4.7 kg Magazine capacity - 5 rounds, 30 rounds Rate - 30 rounds per minute