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UAV "SPECTATOR" UAV "SPECTATOR"   Manufacturer: OJSC “Meridian” named after S.P. Korolyov Main Specifications: The system consists of: 1-3 drones, ground station, radio control panel, plug-in battery kit, antennas, backpack. Key Competitive advantages: Easy to transport, the optimum size when folded into back pack (1300х400х200mm) The minimum time for preparation for launch of a disassembled state (up to 2 minutes) Low noise and visibility Optimal ratio of payload weight to unit weight The high aerodynamic qualities Main Specifications Span - 3000 mm Length - 1295 mm Flight speed - 40/120 km / h Maximum altitude - 2000 m Operating range - 20 km Flight duration - 120 minutes Payload weight: 2 kg Payload mass - 1.5 kg Maximum takeoff weight - 5.5 kg Type of propulsion - electric Taking off – hand launch Landing - a parachute Range - 30/50 km Control mode - automatic / semi automatic / manual