Over 70% of military equipment of the state parade – dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine -was produced, overhauled and modernized by UKROBORONPROM enterprises-participants. This was stated by Director General of the State Concern "UkrOboronProm" Roman Romanov.

"Today we represented modern military equipment that was manufactured, modernized and renovated by UKROBORONPROM (UOP) workers. The people of Ukraine are our main customer. It is now that our team reports to the Ukrainians. We demonstrated that we have what to protect our borders with,"- said the head of the State Concern Roman Romanov.

Armored carriers "Dozor-B", BTR-4, armored infantry carriers, airborne combat vehicles, divisional howitzer 2S19 "MSTA," guns "Giatsynt" and artillery mount " Gvozdyka, MLRS "Grad" and "Smerch" , AA missile systems "Buk" and "C-300PC," combat vehicles "Bulat," , AA missile systems "Osa" went along the central square of the capital. The modern armament and military equipment mentioned above is manufactured, modernized and refurbished by UOP enterprises.

Infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2 were overhauled and modernized by UOP enterprises. The military equipment has high rates of maneuverability, enhanced mobility and crew security. BMP-2 armament can fire various targets, including tanks and combat helicopters. Infantry fighting vehicles demonstrated their abilities during the fighting, systematically enhancing the Ukrainian army.

Airborne combat vehicle BMD-2 is a tracked armored floating machine that can be air dropped from military transport aircraft. As a result of modernization these vehicles received powerful weapon system. During the overhaul, UOP experts modernized command version of BMD at "Zhytomyr Armored Plant" and delivered them to the army.

Combat vehicles "Bulat" are the result of T-64B modernization by experts of the OUP flagship enterprise legendary Malyshev plant. Advanced fire control system makes it possible to provide adjusted fire by missiles and guided missiles. Increased mobility, additional corps and tank turret protection, built dynamic protection – all these means effectively protect Ukrainian soldiers, enhancing combat power of the tank. UOP transferred to the front dozens of "Bulats".

Armored personnel carriers "Dozor-B": modern military equipment, the result of fruitful work of many UOP enterprises. Armor of "Dozor" meets NATO standards and can protect the crew from small arms fire and mines. The vehicle is designed to equip special units of the Armed Forces. UOP capacities allow producing more than 100 modern armored vehicles "Dozor-B" per year. 86 domestic enterprises and and 7 UOP enterprises are engaged in production of "Dozors".

BTR-4 – is a purely Ukrainian development, produced by experts of Kharkiv Morozov Machne-Building Design Bureau. Military equipment has proved its effectiveness during combat missions in ATO in the East of Ukraine. The national light armored vehicle sample has powerful weapons, high speed and reliable protection. UKROBORONPROM has strengthened the Ukrainian army with fifty armored personnel carriers, having adapted those to NATO standards.

Divisional howitzer 2S19 MSTA: WO in the form of self-propelled and towed versions. Howitzers can destroy tactical means of nuclear attack, artillery and mortar batteries of the enemy, tanks and other armored and air vehicles, as well as anti-ballistic missile defense and AA defense.

Gun 2A36 "Giatsynt": artillery caliber 152 mm, designed to suppress and destroy manpower, firepower and military equipment of the enemy on the move, in crowded places and defended posts. The gun can be used in various weather conditions. UOP SE “Shepetivka Repair Plant” restored and overhauled the gun.

SP artillery mount 2C1 "Gvozdika" destroys the enemy manpower, its artillery batteries firing points. Provides mine-field lane.

MLRS BM-21 "Grad" is designed to destroy enemy manpower, automotive and armored vehicles, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts. Time of fire: 20 seconds, maximum distance – up to 40 km. UKROBORONPROM SE “Shepetivka Repair Plant” overhauls and renovates this military equipment.

MLRS 9K58 "Smerch" is one of the most far-ranging firing systems in the world: the 300-mm caliber projectiles affect enemy targets at a maximum distance of 70-90 km. Time of fire – 38 seconds, and the affected area amounts up to 70 hectares.

AA missile system 9K33 "Osa": designed to protect motor rifle and armored divisions from flying enemy forces in all forms of fighting; works in all weather conditions. UOP SE “Balakliya Repair Plant” performs overhaul, restoration and modernization of this type of military equipment.

AA missile system "BUK" is designed to destroy aerodynamic targets, flying at speeds up to 830 m / s, at medium and low altitudes, maneuvering with load factor to 10-12 units at a distance of 30 km.

AA missile system "S-300PS" is designed to destroy all types of flying enemy forces, flying at speeds up to 1200 m / s.

The SC "Ukroboronprom" equips Ukrainian army with new and modern military equipment, introducing NATO standards and cooperating with world leaders in weapon production industry. As a result of two years UOP enterprises produced 12,716 armament and military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other structures.