For 9 months of 2016 UKROBORONPROM (UOP) SE "Aviakon" improved all key financial and performance indicators, compared to previous year.

According to reports, "Aviakon" – conducting modernization and overhaul reconditioning of Mi helicopters in accordance with NATO standard AQAR 2120 – showed an increase in revenue by 14%. This allowed to increase the average salary at the enterprise by 26% immediately, which now amounts to 10,388 UAH.

At the same time, for 9 months of 2016, SE "Aviakon" paid taxes to the budgets of all levels in the amount of 142.8 million UAH, thereby improving last year performance by almost 3%.

In September SE "Aviakon" prepared three military attack helicopters Mi-24PU1 with increased protection – due to installation of modern protection complex ADROS from Scientific Industrial Complex “Progress” – for the military.

This complex misguides heat seeking missiles, allowing aircraft protection from man-portable air defense systems "Igla" and Stinger, and air-to-air missiles R-60 and R-73. In addition, Mi-24PU on-1 has new more powerful engines of domestic production, and modern sighting and navigation systems – that can effectively perform tasks even in complete darkness – enhance helicopter potential.

These helicopters -along with other 119 units of armament, produced by UOP enterprises – were transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on 15 October in Chuguev, Kharkiv region. Now these helicopters are at the disposal of the military aviation service of Army Forces Command.