UKROBORONPROM SE"Plant 410 of Civil Aviation" is one of the leading enterprises of aviation cluster of Ukraine, specializing in repair of aircraft and engines. This is the place, where transport aircraft that are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, return back to service.

Press service of the SC "UkrOboronProm" prepared a special photo-report, demonstrating the main stages of aircraft repair and restoration.

UOP SE "Plant 410 CA" specializes in restoration and repair of "An" aircrafts: An-24, An-26, An-30, An-32, An-72 and An-74. These machines are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and Border Guard, as well as foreign armies and civilian operators worldwide.

For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, An-26 is one of the main military transport aircraft, performing a variety of tasks: timely freight, evacuation of the wounded, landing of troops, serving as a training aircraft, can be used for reconnaissance and patrol missions.

In 2016 enterprise specialists repaired 6 aircraft, according to aircraft equipment overhaul and modernization schedule.

During repair each vehicle was completely dismantled and all components and devices were repaired/replaced by new ones. In addition, these aircraft also have new modern digital navigation and communication systems. Such work requires coordinated work of all staff, which is 1000+ professionals, approximately 300 of whom are young employees.

UOP SE "Plant 410 of Civil Aviation" is a leading enterprise in Ukraine, providing overhaul of D-36 engines, installed on military transport aircraft An-72, in service with the National Guard of Ukraine and Border Guard. In addition, the same engines are installed on An-74 and Yak-42 aircraft, operated in many countries.

There are special stands, enabling to check work of the engines on the ground.

During the test, operator comtrols the engine, testing its performance in all modes from idle mode up to maximum power. This allows to record all the indicators that must comply with established design and operational documentation.

Taking into concideration the fact that the plant is located in the city, the stands are equipped with special complex exhausting and noise elimination systems.

UOP SE "Plant 410 of Civil Aviation" is developing rapidly. During 2014-2016 years the company increased net profit by 638%. In 2016 net profit amounted 150.2 million UAH, whereas in 2014 the company received a 23.5 million UAH loss.

The plant actively develops new products,launched the Mi-8T overhaul and modernization program up to Mi-8MSB.  In late 2015, the first helicopter of this model series completed ground and flight tests. Aircraft received new turboshaft engines, increased payload and flight range, while reducing fuel consumption.

High quality of work of the "Plant 410 of Civil Aviation" is confirmed by the fact that in 2016 the company successfully passed the recertification four and supervisory audits for compliance with the international certificate ISO-9001, NATO AQAP-2120 and air regulations PART-145 and regulations 145V Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

This and the active efforts of the foreign economic activity of the plant, the enterprise consistently receives new orders for aircraft repair and modernization not only from domestic customers, but also firmly entrenched in the international market, which provides foreign exchange earnings to the state. The main foreign clients of the "Plant 410 CA" is the Republic of India, Republic of Kazakhstan, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Hungary and other countries. Over the past two years, exports to foreign countries increased by 2 times, from UAH 168.4 million UAH in 2014 up to 345.3 million UAH in 2016.

As of today, according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,the  SC "UkrOboronProm" starts corporatization of the "Plant 410 CA," as well as the SE "Antonov," reorganizing those into public joint stock companies, 100% of which belongs to the state. Corporatisation of the military-industrial complex enterprises is one of the stages of the reform that Concern launched in autumn 2016. This will allow implementing transition to modern Western systems of enterprise management, increase production and modernize equipment, scale research activities, start new promising projects.