The second day of the international exhibition "Arms and Security" – where the SC "UkrOboronProm" (UOP) keeps demonstrating the latest achievements of UOP enterprises – came to an end. This day is the first when exhibition is open to the public and the International Exhibition Centre opened its doors to all visitors. SC "UkrOboronProm" exposition became the primary focus of the Ukrainian community and foreign visitors.

AR “Maluyk” – deep modernization of AK-74 bull-pup scheme, produced by UOP SE "Krasyliv Aggregate Plant" by PC"InterProInvest" order. This day “Maluyk” successfully passed several hundred cycles of assembly and disassembly, performed by the visitors. AR “Maluyk” trigger mechanism passed "the test" that can be compared with military trial board.

d01Visitors’ attention was focused to the public premiere of the combat module "Duplet" – developed by UKROBORONPROM SE"Zhytomyr Armored Plant".

The combat module "Doublet" is equipped with two automatic 30mm guns and can deliver fire of double density. "Duplet" can create a curtain with 30 mm projectiles by shooting alternately from each barrel.

d02On the same day UKROBORONPROM (UOP) SE"SpetsTehnoEksport " demonstrated its new drone "Anser". Anser" can stay in the air for 12 hours. It is used to monitor large areas, shorelines, position and movement of the enemy. 32x zoom optics allows detailed exploration of the area. UAV can carry a load of 5 kg. It uses a fully encrypted digital data channels. Aircraft weight – 23 kg.

02International exhibition "Arms and Security" became not simply a platform for armament demonstration, but also a forum for discussion of mutually beneficial cooperation with the strategic partners of Ukraine.

For example, the heads of leading UK defence companies met with UOP leadership. During the meeting, UOP leadership demonstrated the reform strategy of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, which consists of corporatization, creating of supervisory boards, audit – involving international companies, – clustering of enterprises in key areas of defence, defending technology and innovation platform – UkrARPA to the heads of BAE Systems, GE Aviation, Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group, Heroux Devtek and other companies.

In addition, Western partners’ attention was drawn to resolving legal barriers to cooperation expansion, as foreign companies are interested in joint projects and a new level of cooperation.

0030UKROBORONPROM Director General Roman Romanov – during Channel 5 broadcast – drew attention to the fact that further defence industry development requires changes to legislation.

“Further defence industry development requires changes to legislation . Soviet legal framework is to be changed to modern – the one that matches the declared concept of industry reforming. First of all, we are talking about public-private partnership, changing of the foreign trade principles and so on. We hope that deputies will support raft of legislation in order to enhance the country’s defence,” – said the head of the State Concern.

The international exhibition "Arms and Security" is held on October 11-14. UKROBORONPROM represents best samples and the latest developments of Ukrainian defence industry. This year 237 exhibits of 46 enterprises of the State Concern are represented.