UKROBORONPROM Director General Pavlo Bukin on the following UOP steps

Pavlo Bukin, appointed Director General of the SC "UkrOboronProm"by the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, emphasized the first steps that will be implemented in the State Concern. Namely: high-quality and timely implementation of the State Defense Order, creation of a critical technologies production cycle and economic efficiency increase of the UOP enterprises.

"Above all, I want to emphasize that I fully understand the tasks set before the State Concern today and I am ready to implement them.

Most importantly, the Concern is to become a reliable and effective tool for ensuring the defense of our state. And I will do my best to achieve this goal. The urgent needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine must be met.

The Concern has no right to deceive the expectations of Ukrainian citizens who must be protected from external threats. Moreover, the activities of the Concern should meet the expectations of Ukrainian society, which suffered significant losses during the war. The best, most patriotic and decisive were killed. As the Director General of the Defense Concern, I have no right to offend the memory of the dead.

As for the first steps. I plan to focus on the following:

  1. Qualitative and timely State Defense Order fulfillment: Ukrainian soldiers must receive equipment exactly within the time frame set by contract and operational ready. Among other things, the achievement of this goal requires modernization of the internal UOP structure as an association of enterprises; developing modern transparent vertically integrated manufacturing clusters.
  2. Creation of a production cycle of the elements, critical for Ukraine’s security. Ukrainian society also emphasizes this. Independence of the State directly depends on the availability of military ammunition of all caliber, precision weapons, reliable communication means, modern security management systems, etc. The State Concern will do everything possible for providing those. We also hope for Government support.
  3. Improving economic efficiency of the UOP enterprises. We must attain the least cost of armaments and military equipment, manufactured by UOP enterprises, provided that our products are competitive on the world market. From consuming to development. Creating conditions for corruption intolerance – thefts of different levels and sizes. Honesty must be encouraged financially, and thieving is to be strictly punishable. I hope that attracting international auditors to the analysis of the economic and technological state of enterprises will greatly help in this.

I would like to note that the State Concern was formed to ensure the development of the defense industry of Ukraine. Therefore, contribution of enterprises should be spent on technological development. I am sure that manufacturing enterprises – in the near future – will feel UKROBORONPROM’s creating value added.

I directly associate this with a significant reduction of UOP headquarter management: 286 employees staff is too large and should be reduced without losing efficiency. The best and high-skilled will remain. Such people will receive a competitive salary for their work. The money saved – will be used for development.

In the end, I would like to thank my predecessor, Roman Romanov, for the courage to lead the Concern in such a difficult time for the state. He started from almost zero in the conditions of the imbalance of the whole system and military aggression. Under his leadership over the past four years, UKRBORONPROM transferred over 18,615 weapons and military equipment to the Ukrainian Army, several successful joint ventures have been formed, and an intense work on import substitution has been carried out, and will be actively continued. "