In 2017 UKROBORONPROM Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company successfully underwent "revival" procedure, conducted by the new anti-crisis management.

Having headed the enterprise that hasn’t manufactured any aircraft in the last five years and was in an overabundant financial condition – the new management in 2017 implemented the first-priority measures: restored basic production assets and ensured that the plant employees receive their wages.

These measures allowed plant specialists to perform maintenance of 7 Antonov aircraft An-72 and An-74, operated by Kazakhstan, Egypt, Turkmenistan and Ukraine. In general, the work of enterprise specialists allowed receiving about UAH 57 mln revenue in 2017.

Works done allowed to direct funds for enterprise restoration. One of the first steps was to renew heating, energy and water supply at the enterprise; with this aim in view UAH 300 thousand debt was repaid; solid fuel boilers were purchased and manufactured, and generators were purchased using transparent e-procurement.

We succeeded in launching two machine workshops, forging and foundry workshops, which have not worked for four years already. This allowed Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company to start production of spare parts for aircraft.

In addition, due to the launch of production sites, the aircraft manufacturing company mastered the manufacture of a range of important products for Ukraine, first of all – tracks for IFVs.

These anti-crisis measures contributed to regular wage payments, in the total amount, throughout the enterprise UAH 35.5 million UAH. Of these, UAH 697 thousand were paid as part of the arrears of wages for previous years.

In 2017, scientific activity of the company – stopped since 2014 – was restored. Last year, works on development of a new aircraft – built on the aerodynamic scheme "Duck" – were renewed. A flying model was manufactured and lifted into the air, and the new aircraft control modes are now under development.