Indonesian Marine Corps started operating five Ukrainian BTR-4M, delivered by the State Enterprise “SpetsTechnoEksport” in January this year. This was reported by Pavlo Barbul, the head of “SpetsTechnoEksport”.

 "The procedure of Ukrainian armored personnel carriers transfer to the military units – designated by the Ministry of Defence (Indonesia) – has been completed. Since the beginning of May, Indonesian marines have been serving, in particular – using BTR-4M. Before this, our vehicles went through a series of tests in Indonesia, showing excellent amphibious capabilities, the accuracy of fire from various types of weapons, high cross-country capability, icluding in mountainous terrain,"- noted Pavlo Barbul.

The delivery of 5 units of armored personnel carriers BTR 4-M – manufactured by the UOP SE "Kharkiv Morozov Machne-Building Design Bureau" – was held in the framework of the contract, signed in 2014 between the SE SFTE “SpetsTechnoEksport” and the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia. Before accepting the vehicles into service, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense tested Ukrainian armored personnel carriers on its territory. According to the results of the tests, the Protocol on the conduct of functional tests was signed. The Indonesian Defense Ministry’s special commission confirmed that Ukrainian armored personnel carriers meet customer requirements for all 47 valuation parameters.