UKROBORONPROM State Enterprise "Izyum Instrument-Making Plant" in 2017 focused on the manufacture of modern guidance units and optical-electronic sights for Ukrainian armored vehicles and anti-tank missile systems. The enterprise completed 100% of the planned work, including the State Defense Order fulfillment.

In general, in 2017, "Izium Instrument-Making Plant" transferred more than 1.2 thousand units of modern equipment and other products. In particular, more than 700 surveillance devices, including night vision devices. The plant also transferred optoelectronic devices for intelligence, for modern anti-tank missile systems and fire control devices for armored vehicles as well as other products.

We are speaking of modern guidance units PN-B for BTR-3 and BTR-4, allowing to beam high-precision missiles "Barrier; as well as ПН-І devices, installed on the portable anti-tank complexes "Stugna-P", that proved their effectiveness in the ATO zone, in the airports of Donetsk and Lugansk in particular.

Besides, in 2017 "Izium Instrument-Making Plant" provided equipment for launching PN-KU light portable missile complex "Corsar", developed by UOP State Design Bureau "Luch".

Last summer, "Corsar " was taken into service by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Defense, and the military received a batch of these weapons.

Despite its small dimensions and weight 4 kg – PN-KU provides missile guidance of up to 2.5 km within +/- 250 mm. So even on the maximum range of its flight, "Corsair" allows the operator to hit the gun slit of the pillbox.

These and other developments allowed Izyum Instrument-Making Plant to receive about $ 159 million in revenue from sales, of which almost UAH 45 million was paid in taxes and dues to the budgets of all levels.

The funds received by the enterprise made it possible to direct resources to the development of new guidance systems. Last year, OEP-VN was introduced. Its high-sensitivity thermal imager – capable of detecting targets at a distance of about 5 km – is its main peculiarity.

The OEP-VN has a new laser rangefinder, manufactured in Ukraine. Cooperation between UKROBORONPROM and a number of companies from NATO countries, as well as the involvement of private Ukrainian companies contributed to development of the new sight.

These technological solutions greatly reduced the weight of the equipment and its dimensions. Due to this, OE-VN can be installed on light armored vehicles such as Dozor-B and on a powerful BTR-4MV1. Such unification will significantly reduce the cost of OEF-VN batch production.