In 2018, the enterprises of the aircraft engineering cluster of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" transferred about 50 airplanes and helicopters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine thereby modernizing the air transport force and reinforcing it with upgraded aircraft.

At the same time, aircraft-building enterprises continued to carry out in-depth modernization of Ukrainian Armed Forces aircraft, as well as to create brand-new new types of aircraft.

Another fifty warcraft

In 2018, the Ukrainian troops received about 50 warplanes and helicopters, which were upgraded and repaired by the aircraft engineering cluster composed of 16 enterprises of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom".

During this year alone, Ukrainian pilots received Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters, Su-25 strike-fighters, Su-24 bombers and reconnaissance aircraft, An-26 and Il-76 transport aircraft, L-39 trainer aircraft, and Mi-24, Mi-14 and Mi-8 helicopters.

This result was made possible thanks to the efficient work of "Ukroboronprom" aircraft-building enterprises which in 2018 executed the state defense order and carried out repairs.

For example, in 2018 the State Enterprise "Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant", in close cooperation with other "Ukroboronprom" enterprises, was engaged in serial modernization of MiG-29 fighters to bring them up to the MiG-29MU1 level. These aircraft received a powerful radar station, which made it possible to increase the airborne target detection range, as well as a satellite navigation system integrated into the on-board radio navigation complex. In addition, the functions of control and registration of functional parameters of the technical condition of an aircraft, engine and several on-board systems were considerably expanded. Also, from now on this aircraft will be able to carry out joint missions with the armed forces of NATO Member States.

In 2018, Lviv specialists handed over to Ukrainian pilots about half a dozen such aircraft and continue working on the next batch of fighters.

More than fifteen Mi-24, Mi-14 and Mi-8 helicopters were manufactured by the Konotop Aircraft Works "Aviakon”. In addition, the enterprise produced for the military sector a truly unique Mi-8MTP aircraft, which are designed to carry out radio-electronic warfare. The special equipment onboard this helicopter makes it possible to set obstacles for ground radar stations used for detection, guidance and targeting, making it possible to "blind" and disorganize the enemy.

At the same time, "Odessa Aircraft Plant" and "Chuhuev Aircraft Repair Plant" did significant work on upgrading and modernizing the L-39 trainer aircraft on which Ukrainian cadets learn the basics of the art of flying an aircraft and practicing pilots train to improve their skills. These two enterprises handed over about half a dozen repaired and upgraded L-39 to air units and military higher educational institutions.

In-depth modernization

In 2018 "Ukroboronprom" aircraft-building enterprises carried out in-depth modernization of  aircraft used by the Air Force of Ukraine. These works, given the need for improved capabilities of the existing air transport force, make it possible in a relatively short time to obtain aircraft with significantly broader characteristics and combat capabilities.

In 2018 such works were carried out by the Zaporizhzhya State Aircraft Repair Plant "MiGremont", which modernizes Su-27 fighters and Su-25 strike-fighters.

The upgraded Su-27, which receives an additional 1M index is being equipped with a new radar, which allows for a 30% increase in airborne target detection range, a new navigation complex, means of control, registration and processing of onboard parameters. The Su-27-1M is also capable of performing joint missions with the NATO armed forces.

While modernizing the Su-25 to match the M1K characteristics, Zaporizhian specialists carry out capital repairs and install additional equipment of Ukrainian production. An analog sight is being replaced with a new digital sight integrated into the aircraft sighting and navigation complex. The aircraft receives new flight data control and registration means, as well as a modernized radio station.

Much work is being done to ensure the safety of strike fighters. Su-25M1K is being equipped  with an "Adros" protection complex manufactured by the State Enterprise "Progress". This complex increases the aircraft protection from missiles several-fold by stopping homing devices and shooting off special heat flares.

The "Odessa Aircraft Plant" together with Mykolayiv city "NARP" started developing in-depth modernization of the Su-24 reconnaissance aircraft. The main task is to significantly improve the capabilities of such aircraft using modern digital systems and installing advanced on-board equipment.

Westernization of aircraft

In 2018, the State Enterprise "Antonov", which is part of "Ukroboronprom", stepped up the process of integration into the world aircraft industry. One of the first projects in this field, which involved Turkish partners, concerns An-188 transport aircraft with short take-off and landing.

The An-188 military transport aircraft project includes complete westernization of all components, the implementation of up-to-date and reliable technological solutions, as well as full compliance with NATO standards, including those relating to equipment and the aircraft use tactics.

The project’s solutions help create a promising military transport turbojet aircraft with a carrying capacity of up to 50 tons. It will be able to transport all types of military equipment, military and construction equipment, helicopters, up to 300 soldiers, as well as humanitarian cargoes, pallets and containers. An-188 will be able to operate from different aerodromes, including ground aerodromes, and will land on short runways only 600-800 m long.

This will significantly expand the number of aerodromes on which it can be used thereby ensuring the high efficiency of the new warcraft. In addition, the project involves the use of economical modern turbojets, which provide not only high speed but also large range capabilities.

At the same time, to meet the needs of the Air Force of Ukraine, efforts are underway to develop the An-77, which should receive the avionics of the world’s leading manufacturers, bringing the aircraft closer to NATO standards. It is expected that An-77 will become the basis of Ukraine’s military transport aviation. Its characteristics will drastically increase the combat capability and mobility of airborne assault troops.