During 2018, Ukroboronprom enterprises made a significant contribution to providing the Ukrainian army with high-precision weapons and ammunition. In total, more than 2,500 high-precision weapons units were handed over to Ukrainian security forces.

This became possible thanks to modern production lines with high-precision machines, which, according to the state program, are installed at the Ukroboronprom enterprises of the high-precision weapons and ammunition cluster.

Anti-tank shield  

One of the key enterprises in this area is the State Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch", which  developed and launched mass commercial production of high-precision missile systems "Stuhna-P", "Corsar" and "Barier". Hundreds of such complexes complete with thousands of missiles were handed over to the troops. Such weapons can not only deter but also successfully destroy the aggressor’s armored groups and the enemy’s firing-points.

The portable anti-tank missile complex "Stuhna-P" is intended for the destruction of immovable and moving modern armored targets with composite, distributed or monolithic armor, including the one with dynamic protection, as well as small-scale targets such as DOT, a tank in a trench, lightly-armored objects and helicopters. The shooting range is up to 5 km. Guidance is carried out by a laser beam.

The light portable missile system "Corsar" effectively destroys enemy targets at a distance of up to 2.5 km, which equals the shooting range of the American FGM-148 Javelin. The missile is guided by means of a laser beam.

"Vilkha" and "Neptun"

Designers of the State Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch" are credited with developing one of the most advanced weapons known as "Vilkha". This high-precision weapon passed the final firing trials as far back as May. About 15 the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" enterprises and a number of other manufacturers of defense industry products were involved in its creation. However, a distinguishing feature of "Vilkha" is that it is made of only Ukrainian components.

Mass production of "Vilkha" is expected to begin soon, which will substantially increase the missile and artillery capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Another invention of the State Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch" which is of strategic importance for the national defense capability of Ukraine is the latest aircraft shaped missile "Neptun". During recent trials, it destroyed a surface target at a distance of 280 km. thereby proving the high efficiency of systems for target control and recognition by the onboard system of the aircraft shaped missile.

High-Precision "Kvitnyk"

This year the State Enterprise "Science and Production Complex "Progress" completed the modernization and full import substitution of a high-precision 152 mm projectile called "Kvitnyk", which hits a target with an accuracy of several centimeters at a distance of up to 20 km. This accuracy is achieved by means of laser pointing, which can be carried out with an unmanned aerial or a correctional device. The "Kvitnyk" can destroy the most secure targets such as command posts, communications centers, bridges, crossings, support points, etc. Such "intelligent" weapon makes it possible to hit the enemy which hides behind civilian objects.

The "Kvitnyk" was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2012, but so far, no large orders have been made. After the Russian aggression began in 2014, there arose a need to replace Russian components. As of today, this task has been fulfilled 100%: the "Kvitnyk" does not have any components of Russian production.

Therefore, the State Enterprise "Scientific and Production Complex "Progress" is quite ready for mass production of "Kvitnyk" and all necessary state trials and is looking forward to receiving orders from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Complex of ammunition enterprises

In 2018, the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" began putting together a complex of ammunition industry enterprises. The reason for this was overly complex technological chains that are needed to create artillery ammunition. Making at least one artillery projectile requires concerted efforts of many enterprises and research institutes that develop and make dozens of individual components, initiation means and explosives.

In order to accomplish this large-scale task, the state targeted program which is implemented through the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is expected to allocate in the coming years significant funds for the purchase of high-precision machine tools and other serial production equipment.

It should be noted that the bulk of these enterprises are located in the town of Shostka, where three Ukroboronprom enterprises have necessary technologies, production premises and highly skilled personnel. These are "Shostkinskyi state-owned plant "Impulse", Chemical Products SRI and "Shostkinskyi state-owned plant "Zirka".

It should be noted that in 2018 in addition to its involvement in the "Missile Shield" program, "Impulse" began joint production of 40mm grenades in compliance with NATO standards. Chemical Products SRI began mass commercial production of a rocket-propelled anti-personnel flame thrower RPV-16, which is being supplied to the army by hundreds. Meanwhile, thanks to active support from the central and local authorities, "Zirka" is set to resume production of pyroxiline powder next year.

Artem’s projectiles

In 2018, specialists of the State Joint-Stock Holding Company "Artem" worked hard on the RS-80 "Oskol". These 80-millimeter uncontrolled missiles successfully passed several stages of state trials. Over 300 launches confirmed that the RS-80 complies with the main tactical and technical characteristics and can be used on helicopters and airplanes.

The supersonic RS-80 is designed to destroy the enemy’s military personnel, armored vehicles, fortifications and other targets. To ensure the most effective enemy destruction the SJSHC "Artem" designers equipped the RS-80 with various combat units and detonators.

In addition, SJSHC "Artem" began mass production of new 152-mm projectiles for the "Hyacinth" artillery system. In 2018, these projectiles successfully passed the defining-departmental trials and validated their characteristics.

Thus, in 2018, enterprises of the high-precision weapons and ammunitions cluster successfully performed a large volume of works related to the supply of hundreds up-to-date samples of missile weapons to Ukrainian troops. The new high-precision equipment and the implementation of the import substitution program significantly expanded the capabilities of the Ukrainian army, which received advanced weapons capable of destroying the enemy with one shot.