According to results of the first 9 months of 2016, PJSC “RPA “Kyiv Automatics Plant named after G. Petrovsky” – SE “UkrOboronProm” owns government’s stake in registered capital of the given enterprise – received 123.6% revenues, outperforming index of the same period last year by 4 times.

According to Report on the Company’s financial plan implementation, in 9 months the enterprise has over-fulfilled the plan: net income – 157%; Gross income – 107.6%; financial result from operating activities – 140%.

"Thus from the beginning of 2016 the enterprise paid taxes, fees and mandatory payments to the state budget in the amount of 43,336 thousand UAH, which is  97.8 thousand UAH per 1 employee" – said the head of the company Serhiy Malyarov. He added that acceleration of obligations fulfillment under the contracts and profitability are the main achievements of the Company.

“RPA “Kyiv Automatics Plant named after G. Petrovsky” specializes in manufacture of advanced electronic devices for military equipment and armament. Stabilization system for combat units – installed in BTR-3 and BMP-1M – are manufactured here.

Due to the use of stabilizers, Ukrainian armored vehicles have the opportunity to open accurate fire on the move, in a matter of seconds. Besides, this defence enterprise produces electronic systems for rocket armament and torpedo batteries.

The plant has recently celebrated its 113 anniversary.