During international exhibition "Arms and Security" – held in Kyiv, public premiere of mobile mortar complex caliber 120 m – developed by UKROBORONPROM SE"Ukrboronservice" – was held.

This complex is designed to support ground units under current mobile warfare. It takes 30 seconds only to bring the complex to the state of combat readiness and just 20 seconds after the last shot to leave the combat position.

Mobile mortar complex characteristics best meet the needs of combating enemy sabotage and reconnaissance forces, mobile groups of terrorists, snipers and enemy defended post. In addition, complex mobility is one of the most important advantages in today’s counterbattery fight, allowing to leave position before the enemy’s retaliation.

min-2Another peculiarity of the given complex is its integration into the system of information exchange on the battlefield when the calculation of mobile mortar system gets the exact enemy coordinates in real-time. This information can be simultaneously transferred by drones, or counterbattery radar or reconnaissance complexes of “Antysnayper” type. Due to this, the complex calculation can push forward to position, direct the main attack to exact target coordinates and leave the area, in a few minutes, avoiding retaliation.

XIII International Specialized Exhibition “Arms and Security – 2016” will be held 11-14 October 2016 at the International Exhibition Center, 15 Brovarskoy Ave.