Due to the fact, that New York Times published about Ukroboronprom’s activities and since there is some information misleading, we would like to emphasize on the following.

Dmytro Maksymov who was referred to by New York Times concerning aircraft manufacturing plant in Lviv, May 11, 2017 attempted to smuggle documents with level restricted access, and he was caught by Security Service of Ukraine and Police, who arrived to the place of the accident.

Mr. Maksymov was fired due to systematic failure to fulfill his official duties. It is worth to highlight, that Dmytro Maksymov in late 2016 refused to go on business trip for audit of financial and economic activities particularly at State Enterprise “Liviv State Aviation Repair Plant”, and for this reason he got a reprimand.

Concerning SE “Lviv State Aviation Repair Plant”, as it was previously mentioned, as a result of internal control of Ukroboronprom, in autumn 2017 the facts of violation and faults were determined in financial and economic activities, as well as possible abuse by top management of the company.

Based on results of the official investigation, the director of the enterprise Oleksandr Kravchuk was brought to justice. Disclosed materials on the embezzlement in 2016-2017 by the officials of the State Enterprise "LSARP" of funds during the purchase of inventories in interrelated commercial structures (in total 5) – were passed to the General Prosecutor’s Office, the NABU and the Security Service.

As of now, law enforcement agencies do the investigation by open criminal proceedings.

The fact of dismissal of Alexander Kravchuk from his position was filmed by the press office of Ukroboronprom and distributed by many Ukrainian media.

In this regard, we must emphasize that because of the internal control measures of Ukroboronprom since 2014, 185 materials were passed to law enforcement agencies with signs of abuse and corruption at the enterprises of "Ukroboronprom". For them, 42 criminal proceedings were initiated. By managerial decisions, 28 managers of enterprises were dismissed, and another 70 officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility.

The negligence of these facts and spreading misleading information on anti-corruption actions of "Ukroboronprom" is unacceptable.