Hundreds of workers used electronic personnel reserve system and joined the 80000th team of the SC "UkrObronProm." At the beginning of 2017, this system contains more than 1,300 specialists’ resumes.

The electronic personnel reserve system – created at the beginning of 2015 – is used by UOP enterprises-participants, enhancing professional growth of new employees.

Young and ambitious professionals receive jobs at UOP enterprises due to cooperation between the State Concern and educational institutions of different levels. UKROBORONPROM signed 49 memoranda of cooperation with universities and technical institutions of Ukraine.  This program allowed hundreds of students practical training and obtain a job at UOP enterprises.

UOP managers keep improving their professional skills. They obtain the second and subsequent higher education, defend their theses.  UOP top management undergoes training in various business schools. More than 15 UOP managers have already obtained their MBA and over 30 are currently enrolled in various programs. More than half of UOP managers speak foreign languages, including English, Arabic, Turkish, German, French, Polish, Georgian, Italian and Spanish.

UKROBORONPROM team consists of almost 80 thousand highly qualified specialists, working at 134 enterprises of the State Concern. Nearly 5,500 young specialists had their practical training at defense enterprises.

The State Concern “UkrOboronProm” is the first one among industrial giants of the state, having introduced such a system. It was officially launched in 2014 for transparent procurement. In 2015, UOP has launched electronic personnel reserve system, allowing engaging specialists of various levels.