UKROBORONPROM SFTE “SpecTechnoExport” received a contract from a state-owned European company for the supply of components to T-72 tanks for 2017-2019 years. The contract was signed as a result of " SpecTechnoExport " public tender participation under the GPA (Government Procurement Agreement) rules, held with the support of the Project Office of GPAinUA within the framework of the pilot project. The terms and conditions of the contract are not disclosed.

The tender was conducted in accordance with the EU Directive 2009/81/EC European Directive Protection Directive 2009/81 / EC. The conditions for participation in the tender were similar to those required by the participants of the public tenders in the Ukrainian system Prozorro. After Ukraine joined the GPA, SpecTechnoExport became the first Ukrainian company to win the European tender under the GPA rules.

"The results of SpecTechnoExport participation in the GPA public tendering and the contract received indicate the prospect of a new public procurement market for Ukraine. The EU member states – former Soviet states – still have Soviet armament and modern Soviet aviation equipment that needs to be modernized and Ukrainian defense industry has all the necessary developments and competencies to carry out such works, "said Pavlo Barbul, Director of the SFTE “SpecTechnoExport”.

Ukraine and the European Union are parties to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA). The agreement provides mutual access to public procurement markets, defines the terms of participation, and guarantees equal and non-discriminatory principles for foreign participants.

GPAinUA project office was established under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, whose goal is to support Ukrainian and foreign businesses in participating in public procurements abroad and in Ukraine. The project involves educational events for GPA countries’ tenders, providing support for preparation of bids, identifying barriers, problem issues in GPA application, and offering ways for solving those.