Polish armor manufacturer refuted statements of provocateurs who spread false information about the quality of steel for “Dozors”. This happened during the visit of Ukrainian delegation, represented by experts of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, military, representatives of Ukrainian media, specialists and directors of UKROBORONPROM enterprises-participants.

The Polish company Huta Stali Jakosciowych S.A. – remembering information attacks on Ukrainian armored vehicles – demonstrated the process of checking the quality of the products and the results of Armstal 500 shooting, used in "Dozor" production.

Armour plates withstand fire of 7,62h39 ammunition, used in AK and AKM, as well as 7,62h51 caliber, used in machine guns (eg, M240) and sniper rifles (eg, L96A1Arctic Warfare) of NATO countries.

0002During the meeting, leaders of the Polish company introduced the Ukrainian delegation to the best practices of special steel production, demonstrated all product quality certificates and production capabilities, having mentioned Armstal steel capabilities.

"We are working with many countries, our production quality and the quality of our products is confirmed by international certificates and tests," – said the director of the Trade and Development Huta Stali Jakosciowych S.A. Wojciech Mai.

0004Huta Stali Jakosciowych S.A. specialists noted that Armstal steel is used in the manufacture of armored hulls for armies of NATO countries. It has successfully completed shooting in Germany, quality checks in France and the United States. Steel meets NATO STANAG 4569 protection levels.

"Our armored vehicles "Dozor-B " – operated by the military –are protected by this steel. Our colleagues provided unconfutable proof of their competence"- said Deputy Director General for Aircraft Industry and Operations Volodymyr Korobov.

0003Currently two UOP plants have cooperation agreements with Polish companies, most notably Lviv and Kyiv armored plants. This armor meets NATO standards and is already used to protect Ukrainian armored vehicles.

0006Management of the State Concern “UkrOboronProm” and Polish company WB Electronics S.A. signed cooperation agreement on December 22, 2016. The new arrangements involve development of new models of anti-aircraft and anti-missile equipment in accordance with modern warfare requirements.