SC "UkrOboronProm" (UOP) and Polish company Zaklady Mechaniczne "Bumar – Labedy" S.A. represented at the international exhibition MSPO-2017 the main battle tank PT-17 – a profound modernization of the T-72 – in accordance with advanced NATO standards.

This tank was created in close and mutually beneficial cooperation between the defense complexes of Poland and Ukraine to demonstrate its capabilities to a potential customer – the Ministry of Defense of Poland.

At the same time, the experience gained by Ukrainian specialists during the manufacture of the given vehicle represents UOP readiness to perform tanks modernization – in accordance with NATO standards – for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

UOP press service prepared a special material, which disclosed the details of the PT-17 development as an example of international cooperation, as well as equipping the Ukrainian armed forces in accordance with NATO standards.

PT-17 – the result of international cooperation

The Ministry of Defense of Poland – as well as the defense departments of any country in the world – is constantly looking for ways to increase the combat capabilities of its military equipment.

For T-72 modernization – Land Forces of Poland are armed with – the Polish company "Bumar – Labedy" S.A. offered UKROBORONPROM working together on the modernization of the tank, to combine the best developments of both defense complexes. Organization of joint works was carried out by UOP STIF “Ukrinmash”.

Bumar – Labedy S.A. is the largest tanks manufacturer in Poland, which is constantly collaborating with defense companies of NATO countries. But for the PT-17 project, it was decided to cooperate with Ukraine.

That is why the joint PT-17 project of the Polish company with, as well as the An-132 transport aircraft, proves the fact that the Ukrainian defense industry is a reliable and effective partner, open to mutually beneficial cooperation.

"This is a proof of a new level of the Ukrainian defense industry, which became possible due to breaking the chains that united the Ukrainian defense industry with Russia in 2014. This proves that Ukroboronprom is integrated into the international community; it is a proof of confidence in Ukrainian engineering and professionalism, the fact that not only Ukraine is open to NATO countries, but also the Allies is open to Ukraine ", – said Roman Romanov, Director General of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom, "commenting on the event.

PT-17: role for Ukraine

In addition to the fact that Ukraine permanently takes part in such large-scale and technologically complex projects as development of new high-tech vehicles, PT-17 proves that Ukroboronprom is ready to modernize military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in accordance with NATO standards .

UOP enterprises – as soon as the corresponding order from the Ministry of Defense is received – are ready to develop and, in the shortest terms, submit T-64, T-72, T-80, Bulat and Oplot tanks modernization variants, meeting NATO standards.

A 120-mm gun with a loading mechanism is already completed; it was decided to combine it with NATO’s sightseeing systems, installation of modern digital devices, including communication and navigation. The constructional resources of the tanks allow replacing tank turrets and engine and transmission block to install new weapons and more powerful modern engines.

Photo: Robert Czulda

Building Ukrainian ammunition production facility – capable to manufacture both Soviet and NATO standard projectiles – allows to provide the army with ammunition.

"It is important to note that the experience on PT-17 manufacture was received not at the expense of the Ministry of Defense or Ukroboronprom, but using funds from the international order, providing also direct inflow of foreign currency to the budget of Ukraine."Ukrinmash " is ready, in the case of an order on the part of the Ministry of Defense, to do all the work, connected with organization of supply or licensed production in Ukraine of advanced electronic and other components from NATO countries the modernization of Ukrainian armored vehicles ", – said Director General of the State Enterprise "Ukrinmash" Serhiy Slyusarenko, adding that “Ukrinmash” can serve as an integrator by combining NATO’s advanced defense technologies and Ukrainian defense industry achievements to enhance Ukraine’s defense capability and its approaching the Alliance.

PT-17 modernization according to NATO standard

PT-17 modernization allows transforming T-72 into a modern tank with armament, protection and electronics in accordance with NATO standards, enhancing its combat effectiveness and fighting efficiency on the battlefield.

PT-17 is equipped with a new 120-mm KBM2 gun, increasing its firepower, manufactured by UOP SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau. Ukrainian engineers had completely rebuilt the tank loader for the use a 120-mm ammunition. Such changes called for changing the turret construction. Polish sights GOC-1 Nike and GOD Iris from PCO S.A. were installed to enhance accuracy of fire.

PT-17 is also equipped with Polish S1000R engine with ESM-350M automatic transmission, an additional power unit and a new control system. As in the case with the turret, works on changing the entire engine-transmission unit of the tank for new power units was carried out. Protection was also modernized, including active armor and electronic counter-attack systems.

Thus, PT-17 is the result of engineering thought of both Polish and Ukrainian defense complexes, allowing in 5 months to develop, manufacture and provide all components and spares to ensure that a new tank presentation takes place at MSPO-2017.