The State Concern "UkrOboronProm" (UOP) is already implementing the ideas on ​​development of security and defense sector of Ukraine – including in cooperation with KMBS specialists (Kyiv-Mohyla Business School) – as a part of UOP reform. This was stated by UOP Director General Roman Romanov at KMBS on April 20 in the framework of the program opening on strategic leadership in Ukraine’s security and defense sector.

"Knowledge is power , and power is victory. During the war we must accelerate and quickly and effectively implement reforms. This educational program – bringing together government agencies and military industry – will raise qualifications of the of the country’s defense sector management and restore clear communication. We will change the country due to a strong educational base,"- said Roman Romanov.

He added that now UOP has more than 20 top managers – graduates of different KMBS programs and other business schools. Their qualification allows to quickly and effectively implement European and global management practices, advanced forms of thinking and accelerate the development and reform of the Concern. "Such management education will allow achieving maximum efficiency," – added the head of "UkrOboronProm."

Military-industrial sector reform and innovations start due to Education. That is why "UkrOboronProm" trains employees of various management levels, forming  an integrated concept. Having successful experience and results of professional training of its specialists in Kyiv, the Concern offers educational base in other three regions, allowing to cover all of Ukraine. The work of such centers – together with the International Institute of Management – UOP will launch in Odessa, Lviv and Kharkiv.

Along with this, UOP attracts young and ambitious specialists, providing students  across the country with projects.  As the result of this collaboration, in 2016 more than 500 developments from Ukrainian universities and over 200 developments of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine are undergoing primary expertize. 80 R&D projects are already implemented at UOP enterprises. More than 5.5 00 students have interned at UOP enterprises, over 560 of them were employed.

UAVs "Spectator" project is a striking example of youth involvement. The project of ​​ the students of NTU KPI named W. Sikorski is already produced at the enterprise "Meridian" and is used by the Ukrainian army.

The program "Strategic Leadership: the security and defense of Ukraine" – opened April 20 – is established to enhance the administrative efficiency of collective interagency cooperation and development of personal leadership capabilities of top managers, directly and indirectly involved in policy, strategy and implementation of defense tasks of the state. KMBS program is designed in collaboration with international partners from the UK, Canada and the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine.

Strategic defense bulletin is used as the basis of the curriculum. It is the main tool for Ukrainian army reforming.

Managers of the SC "Ukroboronprom," Ministry of Defense and its office reform, the Joint Staff and The Ministry of Internal Affairs, MEDT, the Ministry of Finance, the Presidential Administration, NSDC of Ukraine and other agencies participate in the Program.