SC"UkrOboronProm" discussed with NATO representatives in Ukraine the intention to create Training Centre for Ukrainian specialists of defense and security sector on Alliance programs. The corresponding program envisages involvement of ministries, departments and public organizations. It is also possible to create a special working group to coordinate work and successful operation of the center.

The talks were held in framework of the meeting between the leaders of the Concern and the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine  on November 24. UKROBORONPROM Director General Roman Romanov and the director of NATO Office Alexander Vinnikov and Professional Development Programme Director Ove Urup-Madsen discussed the possibility of training of Ukrainian specialists in English, project management, practical skills with implementation of quality management at enterprises, the mechanisms of interaction between power structures and the military-industrial complex, cooperation of Ukrainian enterprises with NATO.

"The issue of integration into NATO requires not only a declaration of policy, but also practical steps, allowing to implement the rules and standards, that are in force in NATO. Those are to be introduced by Ukrainian specialists, having accomplished necessary training directly at Alliance structures ", – said Roman Romanov, explaining the need for the introduction of training programs. Adding that from June 2016 at UOP enterprises-participants quality assurance standard AQAP 2000 Series are in force, in accordance with the requirements, adopted by NATO countries.

“UkrOboronProm” represented a defense industry reform strategy. It provides simultaneous operation in the legal, technological and production sectors. The reform assumes the following steps: mplementation of corporate management international standards, audit involving international companies, enterprises clustering by equipment types, extensive measures on technology protection, platform for innovations. Corporatization of UOP enterprises will allow creating a transparent management structure, Supervisory Board, establish common rules including those for international investors.