The achievements of UOP enterprises-participants of aviation branch and Ukraine’s private companies were represented at the international aviation exhibition "Air Fair 2017" by SFTC “Progress”.

The exhibition was held from 26 till 27th May in the city of Bydgoszcz (Poland) on the territory of Joint Stock Company "Military aircraft plant №2". Efficient and powerful cooperation between Ukrainian enterprises with this Polish company lasts almosts 15 years. "Military aircraft plant №2" is the only domestic enterprise in Poland, providing repair and modernization of aviation equipment for the Ministry of Defense of the Republic.

"UkrOboronProm" represented products of the following UOP enterprises: SE "Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant," SE "Zaporizhya State Aircraft Repair Plant “Migremont,” SE "Lutsk Repair Plant "Motor," SE "Odessa Aircraft Plant", SE "Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant"Aviakon" and SE “Kharkiv Machinery Plant “FED”. Ukrainian private manufacturers of aviation military equipment – LLC "Radioniks" and LLC "Aerotekhnika-MLT" – represented their achievements in the field of unmanned aircraft and products, enhancing combat capabilities of modern aircraft; State-owned unitary instrument-making enterprise "Arsenal" represented its targeting systems developments.

"Air Fair" is an annual international aviation exhibition in Poland. This year almost 100 aviation equipment manufactures from more than 20 countries visited this expo. Arms Market of Poland – Ukraine’s strategic partner and NATO member – is extremely important for our country; at the moment a number of issues and projects on cooperation development and deepening are being considered.