At NATO Headquarters in Brussels, the State Concern "UkrOboronProm" opened the Day of Defense Industry of Ukraine. The main goal is to demonstrate the capabilities and potential of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, working on mutually beneficial cooperation offers with foreign companies and organizations, deepening mutually beneficial cooperation and expanding importsubstitution.

"During these last 2 years being in war with Russia, our defence industry gained unique experience and created ideas on how to ensure the bnesessary capability of our defence forces and equipment without cooperation with the country which has become an enemy to us and aggressor to the all progressive Western Community,” – said Acting Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO Yehor Bozhok.

During the opening ceremony it was stressed that the defense complex of Ukraine is now focused on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic standards.

"Ukraine has made a clear choice of strategy for further development of the country – focus on Euro-Atlantic values and standards. In turn, we are now at the forefront of Russian aggression and "UkrOboronProm" works to discard this threat. As part of the State Strategy, the State Concern is actively developing military-technical cooperation with the Alliance, NATO member countries and partner countries,"- said the head of the State Concern Roman Romanov, who head a delegation of Ukraine representatives. The heads of UOP enterprises-participants, as well as the heads of major private companies of defense sector were in the given delegation.

161130_event-ukraine-industry_001In turn, NATO leaders expressed strong support for Ukraine and initiatives of UKROBORONPROM, which is implementing the Reform strategy of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine.

“The annexation of Crimea by Russia is the 1st time when the European country has ceased the territory by force since the world war II. And this is the crises for Ukraine, but it’s also shaping the European security architecture as well. And Russia continues to violently destabilize Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine continues to withstand security challenges posed by this aggressor and it’s therefore even more remarkable that in these difficult times you’re implementing comprehensive reforms, including those in security and defence sector and defence industry as well", – said Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment Ernest Herold.

161130_event-ukraine-industry_003In the framework of the "Day of Defense Industry of Ukraine" attention of Western partners will be focused on the new opportunities, introduced by implementation of reform strategy of Ukrainian military-industrial complex. The reform assumes the following steps: mplementation of corporate management international standards, audit involving international companies, enterprises clustering by equipment types, extensive measures on technology protection, platform for innovations development.

"UkrOboronProm" discussed with NATO representative in Ukraine the intention to create Concern Training Centre on the Alliance programs for Ukrainian specialists of defense and security sector. Ministries, departments and public organizations will joing the given program. There is a possibility of forming a special working group to coordinate work and successful operation of the center.