The team of the State Concern "UkrOboronProm", headed by Director General Roman Romanov, visited the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone in the East of the country and held meetings with the command and technical staff of the Armed Forces subdivisions. The purpose of the trip was to analyze the quality of weapons and military equipment samples developed, manufactured, repaired and modernized by UKROBORONPROM enterprises-participants, transferred to the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to receive complete and objective information about its opportunities and timely measures to help restore their combat and improve their technical capabilities.

"Together with the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense and the ATO leadership we initiated a visit, to receive feedback directly from those who use our military equipment," said Roman Romanov, the head of the State Concern.

The UOP delegation visited a number of military units, their combat and repair units, holding combat positions in the ATO zone. "We analyzed the work of the command and engineering teams of mechanics, drivers and repairers, who operate and repair a number of our equipment, including heavy and light armored combat vehicles, wheel and tracked vehicles, artillery and small arms," ​​added UOP Deputy Director General Oleksandr Stetsenko

In the future, a number of joint activities with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces are planned to provide technical assistance to military units and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with technical training for crews, as well as organization of repairs at their places of deployment.

UKROBORONPROM is conducting a thorough analysis of the use of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment. Specialists analyze such characteristics as sighting accuracy, range and speed, endurance in difficult conditions, motor operating time and power of the armored vehicles. On the basis of the data collected, UOP plants make changes. Thus, in cooperation with the military, UKROBORONPROM introduced 900+ changes in the design documentation of the armored personnel carrier BTR-4 on the basis of their operation in the ATO and the execution of combat missions. BTR-4MV1 sample, modified in accordance with NATO standards, has successfully passed the full cycle of factory tests.