For the SC "UkrOboronProm" – a union of 130+ enterprises and 80 thousand specialists – the year 2017 became the year of profound changes that are to give a powerful impetus to defense industry development.
We are speaking of effective integration into the Euro-Atlantic community, implementation of NATO standards, deepening international cooperation, development and successful testing new samples of military equipment.




These and many other UKROBORONPROM initiatives are aimed at fulfilling the main task of the State Concern – providing Ukrainian Army with modern, reliable and effective armament.
2017 became of the first AN-132D flight – the first aircraft with no Russian spares, was developed as a result of international co-operation. This year the first tactical UAV “Horlytsya” hit the sky.

Ukrainian defense industry for the first time took part in the largest world exhibition in the USA – AUSA. For the first time Ukrainian military received NATO standard automatic rifles. M4-WAC47 are already transferred for testing.
In 2017 UKROBORONPROM reached 1 billion UAH savings due to electronic trading platforms. Saved funds were used for development of the enterprises.
For the first time, effective reform of Ukrainian defense was launched. This year, corporatization of two enterprises was completed. One of those – Kherson “Sudmash” – manufactured the finished products for the first time in many years.
For the first time international audit has been launched. The Ukrainian Defense Complex has never undergone such a procedure. Upon completion of this audit, UKROBORONPROM receives a clear and complete "roadmap" – "green light" for 100% integration into the global community with uniform rules.
This year UKROBORONPROM has directed its efforts to developing new models of weapons and military equipment that can strengthen the defense capability of our country in the near future.
The Ukrainian Army received 10+ items of weapons and military equipment this year as a result of work of the plants. This is a sign that their production will be commercialized.
Only this year UKROBORONPROM publicly demonstrated to the whole world a number of developments, manufactured together with NATO countries.
This means that not only Ukraine is open to the Alliance, but the Alliance itself is open to Ukraine.

Укроборонпром та НАТО

Import substitution program is being operated full out: 425 enterprises from all over Ukraine are taking part in it. This testifies that UKROBORONPROM successfully broke up the chains, uniting it with Russian MIC and we managed to connect many other enterprises – from large enterprises to small businesses – to improving the country’s defense capability.
UKROBORONPROM fully switched to international cooperation with leading foreign enterprises: not just Deutz and Allison, but also Honywell and Rockwell Collins, a number of companies from the UK, Canada, Spain, Poland, Turkey and dozens of other countries.
A huge contribution is made into the most important – human resources. UOP specialists successfully completed MBA programs. After all, each specialist, having completed the program, returned to his/her enterprise with modern Western business approaches.
At the end of this year, UKROBORONPROM and "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" launched a new Masters degree program "Management in the Sphere of Military-Industrial Complex". "Ukraine is forming a professional Army and training of professional personnel in the defense sector is needed to support it. The program is meant for volunteers and ATO veterans to join it. They will have a chance to combine their experience with the knowledge received during the 1.5 year intensive training.

UKROBORONPROM develops its production facilities. For the first time in Ukraine’s independence, Ukraine’s defense complex began to build muscle. It is about new technological lines, new workshops and assembly stands.
Moreover, this year UKROBORONPROM, for the first time – together with the American company Delphi Corporation – launched a new enterprise – SE "Electric Systems". It will provide work for two thousand specialists and will fill the budget of Ukraine with millions of tax deductions.
Western experts, NATO and European Union representatives recognize the fact that the progress that the Ukrainian army has shown in the three years is enormous. And in this part of UOP work, contribution of 130 enterprises and 80 thousand specialists.