UkrOboronProm in 2017: cooperation with NATO and joint developments

During 2017, the State Concern "UkrOboronProm" continuously expanded its cooperation with NATO and NATO member countries, developing the existing projects and creating the new ones.

Taking into account that UOP enterprises are actively transferring production capacities in accordance with NATO Standards, such cooperation is one of the main conditions for the National Defense Industrial Complex development.

As result of this transition, Ukraine manufactures weapons, adapted to the Alliance criteria.

Most armored vehicles and missiles are manufactured at UOP enterprises in accordance with NATO Standards.

Ukrainian military transport aircrafts are manufactured with use of components from NATO member countries.

Today, a large number of UOP enterprises are working hard to be certified according to the AQAP 2000.

The direct involvement of UOP enterprises in NATO programs from participation in NIAG research to joining NSPA’s supplier base and obtaining NATO Aircraft and Helicopter Modernization certificates.

Implementation of airlift operations under the SALIS Program – performed by UOP SE “Antonov” – will take an important place among other programs.

Participation in Alliance joint mutually beneficial innovative projects regarding development and production of new armament samples is another vector of cooperation between UOP and NATO. Such rewarding joint work is an inherent part of the integration processes of the Ukrainian Defense Complex towards the Euro-Atlantic structures.

Укроборонпром та НАТО

In 2017 the automatic carbine M4 – WAC-47 – new small arms created for Ukrainian military was publicly demonstrated for the first time.

M4 – WAC-47 is the result of the Joint International Project of SE “Ukroboronservice”, a part of "UkrOboronProm", and the American company Aeroscraft.

  At the moment Ukrainian soldiers participate in joint NATO military exercises, there is a joint with Lithuania and Poland brigade; it is proposed to create a similar subdivision with other NATO countries – Romania and Bulgaria. Ukraine constantly participates in peacemaking missions. And for this reason, application of the unified caliber in weapon is of vital importance.

Automatic carbine M4, that was built with the module principle and allows adapting it for various calibers. The base version of M4 – WAC-47 is the variant for the 7,62х39 caliber which is currently used in Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to possibility to change the modules (in field conditions it takes up to 20 seconds), M4 – WAC-47 can be adapted to 5.56х45 NАТО – which is the main cartridge in Alliance countries for this kind of armor.

The first batch of M4 – WAC-47 was already delivered to representatives of Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Gard and other security bodies, after they will be tested and this is an obligatory condition to put them into service.

An important component of partnership with the USA, for the first time in the history, became participation in international armament exhibition AUSA (Association of the US Army) in Washington, D.C. It is one of the most world influential defence exhibitions, at which the newest high-tech developments are presented.

Owing to participation of Ukroboronprom, at AUSA it was succeeded to complete a search of new opportunities for cooperation with American business, realization of new joint projects of manufacture defence weaponry, as well as search of similar ready high-tech solutions to integrate it into Ukrainian defence equipment. And due to such attempts, integration into Ukrainian devices of the automatic gear box solution from Allison and avionics from Honeywell was successfully completed in short terms.

Also, in 2017 cooperation with defence complexes expanded with another NATO country – Poland. This year two joint projects were created and demonstrated – main battle tank RT-17 and multiple rocket launcher ZRN-01 Stokrotka.

Tank RT-17, which was presented on international exhibition MSPO-2017, is a deep modernization of T-72 meeting the most advanced NATO standards and designed by Ukroboronprom enterprises and Zaklady Mechaniczne "Bumar – Labedy" S.A., Poland.

RT-17 was created for capacity demonstration for the potential customer – Ministry of Defence of Poland. All the manufacturing was funded by polish party. At the same time, the experience gained by Ukrainian armour manufacturers during building of this vehicle, allows to show the complete readiness of Ukroboronprom to perform the upgrade the tanks of Armed Forces of Ukraine according to NATO standards. These upgrades include the complete complex of activities, starting from installation of tank gun 120-mm NATO caliber and saving of automatic load function, until integration of advanced digital systems of fire and communication control of western origin.

In turn, ZRN-01 Stokrotka is the result of cooperation between Ukroboron enterprises and WB Group, which is one of the biggest private group of companies of polish defence and industrial complex.

This rocket system is designed for detection and destruction of ground targets, from foot troops to protected shelters, as well as destruction of aerial targets, and primarily unmanned aerial vehicles. For this the rocket system is equipped by the advanced threat detection system, which includes Ukrainian, manufactured radar, optical devices and digital fire control system of polish origin.

The threat detection system allows to detect even small UAVs, including those manufactured with “transparent” materials, at a range about 10 km. To kill a target it also uses Ukrainian rocket-propelled projectiles manufactured by SJSHC “Artem”, that is a member of Ukroboronprom.

Besides, in 2017 the cooperation between Ukroboronprom and PGZ, Poland, became even firmer. The partnership relations were deepened and were intended for experience and technology exchange as well as joint management of new developments.

It is worth to mention that during 2017 other agreements were reached with leading defence companies from other NATO countries, including the USA. As an example, the agreements was reached between SE “Plant 410 Civil Aviation”, which is a member of Ukroboronprom, and American corporation Rockwell Collins, which specializes in manufacturing and design of digital and electronic aviation systems.