UKROBORONPROM enterprises-participants fulfilled the state defense order 2016 by 100%. In response to all accusations in insufficient supply of  Ukrainian troops with new and modern military equipment we announce that the State Concern delivers new – made from scratch – and modernized military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in accordance with the state order.

"State defense order fulfillment is the top priority of our work and is the result of close cooperation of all UOP enterprises, as well as domestic manufactures, who joined this process. 80,000 UOP employees and more than 200 thousand workers of UOP enterprises timely and efficiently coped with the task of the state"-  said UKROBORONPROM representatives.

Overall, in the framework of the state defense order, UKROBORONPROM transferred over 2,139 units of new and modernized weapons and military equipment to the military. Of these 109 units of armored vehicles, 36 units of armament  for Air Force and Air Defense; 766 units of rocket and artillery; 712 units of missiles and ammunition; 516 units of special equipment: communication, electronic warfare and navigation equipment.

In addition to production and modernization of new military equipment according to the state defence order, the State Concern is working in accordance with signed agreements, renewing and repairing military equipment. So for 9 months of 2016 "UkrOboronProm" transferred 6209 units of new, modernized and overhauled armament and military equipment to the Army.

Every year the State Concern increases the share of manufactured weapons, transferred to the Armed Forces. Mostly new armament and military equipment for the Army produce the following UOP enterprises: Design Bureau “Luch,” SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau,” SIC "Progress," SJSHC "Artem," SE “Scientific-Technical Complex “Precision Engineering Plant,” State Enterprise "Orizon-Navigation" and CDB "Proton", modernization: SE "Odessa Aircraft Plant" and SE "MiGremont."

"We are ready to supply Ukrainian Army with everything necessary. We thank our employees for their work, "- added UOP representatives.

Information attacks on “UkrOboronProm,” fake claims on dependence of Ukrainian defense on Russia and attempts to sabotage the work of the Ukrainian defense industry are part of a hybrid war against our country. Nevertheless, the State Concern keeps supplying Ukrainian Army with ordered armament and military equipment, in accordance with the plans approved.

This year "UkrOboronProm" developed and introduced new armament for Ukrainian army, namely: unmanned tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle “Phantom,” multi-aircraft complex “Gorlytsa,” self-propelled mortar system, domestic mortars in accordance with NATO standards, combat modules "Taipan", "Vij", "Duplet" and many other units of military equipment.