The general meeting of the heads of UOP enterprises-participants with UKROBORONPROM management – held on October 26, 2017 – optimization of expenses of UOP enterprises-participants was discussed.

Taking into consideration the fact that UKROBORONPROM can not interfere in the internal activities of UOP enterprises-participants, we are to recommend the enterprises to be more responsible when it comes to income distribution, as well as avoiding the purchase of expensive cars for the needs of the enterprise.

We call for net profits allocation into enterprise development, for access to new markets, for engaging suppliers and other measures, aimed at production expanding." This is said in the General meeting announcement.

The issue of purchase of an up-market car by “Shostka State Plant “Impulse” – using net profit received by the enterprise in the current year – received close consideration during the General meeting.

UKROBORONPROM management expressed its dissatisfaction with this decision of the director of the Shostka State Plant “Impulse” and emphasized the impossibility of such spending of the funds of state-owned enterprises, even within the framework of financial possibilities.

The heads of the enterprises also discussed the reform of the defense industry of the MIC of Ukraine, which involves international audit with the participation of leading Western companies, the corporatization of enterprises, and the creation of Supervisory Boards. The heads of UOP enterprises emphasized full support of the given events.