Ukroboronprom named further steps of continuing the reform: adoption of a bill on transformation and non-interference in its operations

"We will oppose manual control and demand fair rules of the game" – the management of SC "Ukroboronprom" explained what they expect from the Ministry of Strategic Industries.

The State Concern Ukroboronprom once again supported the existence of the Ministry of Strategic Industries, but warned against interfering in its own activities and against bias in the Ministry’s assessments.

This was discussed during a briefing of the Concern’s top management, which took place on Friday.

"We want to discuss the current situation honestly, openly and publicly. We do not blame anyone, we only present the facts. That is how we are taking the discussion about the situation that has developed with our transformation processes to a new level" stated the Igor Fomenko, the Acting Director General

“For the last 2 weeks we have witnessed the black PR campaign against us. We see articles in different media where whole paragraphs are identical. Those who ordered them have crossed certain red lines. We were accused of breaking the law, of unprofessionalism and this referred to certain individuals in our team. I find this unacceptable – we will not allow anyone to insult or humiliate us. No one knows the processes that are taking place at Ukroboronprom’s enterprises better than us. To state in public that we "don’t know what’s going on,"and that we’ve "lost touch," is a complete lie" – he added.

Fomenko also stressed that the concern’s management team helped the ministry since its establishment and it is ready to continue providing support in the future. "We support the Ministry of Strategy and Industry. We understand how important it is for Ukraine. It should set policies not only for the Ukroboronprom, but also for other strategic enterprises. There should be the same rules for everyone that should be defined. We support having a body that determines policy in the field of defence industry complex.. We fully support any action in this direction, but we are against interfering in our daily activities. "

According to Fomenko, the Concern’s team is ready to perform its work professionally and honestly and be accountable on the results. “Our current results tell us that the plans we set for ourselves will be fulfilled. We want to reach another level of both communications and the trust of our customers. But we want fair, open and public rules of the game. We want to be understood and perceived as a reliable, worthy partner who is responsible for every word he says. ”

“We favour a systemic approach, we are against manual control. We stress that due to the fact that we cover 36% of the total state defense order, the reform of Ukroboronprom is not equal to the reform of the entire defense-industrial complex. We are only part of it. The reform we have developed applies only to those enterprises that are part of Ukroboronprom.

Fomenko also noted that at the beginning of his work as Acting Director General of Ukroboronprom, jointly with the team, he defined the principles of cooperation and interaction. Oup principles are "Honesty, openness, teamwork, efficiency, zero tolerance to corruption, goal orientation, work for the state’s benefit and absence of bias in decision-making. For us, this is not empty talk, this is what we follow every day. We are not going to engage in shadow deals and cabinet wars. We want to build a strong and independent Ukraine that abides by the law and justice. ”

Acting Director General Igor Fomenko also named the conditions necessary to resume the process of reforming the state concern.

"It is necessary that the reform process to resume. We want the debate on Bill 3822 to be resumed so that it can be adopted as soon as possible. This requires that the committee and the Verkhovna Rada be fully involved in the discussion and amendment process. ”

Fomenko stressed that the Concern does not believe that the situation is deadlocked, and in order to to proceed you need to have an open discussion on the processes and conditions of reform, adoption of the Bill 3822, on the transformation of "Ukroboronprom" and non-interference in Ukroboronprom by the ministry .

”Ihor Fomenko summed up "We want the government to take special control of the transformation of the country’s defense industry. We are ready to report on what we are doing. We want to hear objective criticism, but we do not want our job to be hindered. Since I was appointed Acting Director General I am personally responsible for everything that happens at Ukroboronprom. I will make my own decisions, including staff appointments, based on the basic principles: professionalism, law, work for the company, work for the state."