Kyiv Association of Military Attachés visited UKROBORONPROM SE"Zhytomyr Armored Plant,” having familiarized themselves with UOP military equipment and production facilities. Visit of the military diplomats was organized by the Department of Defense for Policy, Strategic Planning and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and under support of the SC "UkrOboronProm."

UOP Deputy Director General for Development Artur Kheruvymov represented "UkrOboronProm" results in 2016 and acquisition of new competencies by Ukrainian defense industry – namely unmanned military vehicles – to the military attachés. "UkrOboronProm manufactures competitive and high-quality military equipment, we are ready to cooperate and develop new projects in cooperation with defense industries of other countries," – concluded Artur Kheruvymov. Such measures allow expanding the scope of international cooperation in defense sector, as well as geography of the sales markets.

Production shops, systematic work, overhaul, serial production of hulls for armored vehicles and new military equipment development was represented by "Zhytomyr Armored Plant" director Mykhaylo Mosin.

Manufactured by the enterprise modernizations of IFV and APC, most notably: BMP-1UM, BMP – 1MUM (with a combat module "STILET"), BTR-70D with GM-6,2 engine generated interest among military attachés. Particular attention was paid to the full range of combat modules for armored vehicles, developed and manufactured by the plant. Representatives of Austria, Belarus, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Turkmenistan, Hungary, France, Switzerland, the EU and NATO were the members of the given delegation.