On January 29, UKROBORONPROM (UOP) management, namely Deputy Director General for Development Artur Kheruvymov and the head of SC “UKRSPECEXPORT” subsidiary SFTIE “Promoboronexport” M. Khalik, visited the SE “Production Association “Karpaty” in the framework of their working visit.

The meeting on the implementation of new projects was one of the key tasks of this visit, as well as effective cooperation between the SE “Production Association “Karpaty” and the SE "Electric Systems" within the framework of international cooperation with the American company “Delphi”. Negotiations were held with the participation of the head of the SE “Production Association “Karpaty” D. Vterkovs’kyy and the head of the SE "Electric Systems" O. Tishchenko.

During the meeting, important issues regarding the results of 2017 and the strategy for further development of the SE "PA“Karpaty” in 2018 were discussed.

It should be noted that according to financial results 2017, the SE "PA“Karpaty” became the largest taxpayer in the region among production enterprises of the public sector of economy. For example, in 2017 the enterprise paid taxes, fees and obligatory payments to the budgets of all levels on the total amount of UAH 128 million. The total number of employees of the enterprise reached 3,292 specialists, and the average salary – 7,393 UAH. The product volume in 2017 amounted to 527 644 thousand UAH, which is 51% higher than the production volume in 2016. The financial plan 2017 is fulfilled 110.9%.

Implementation of new projects, requirements for signing a contract with foreign partners were discussed at the meeting.

Demonstration of UAVs, that will be small-scale manufactured at SE "PA“Karpaty” was one of the main points of the meeting, as well as development and production of special systems designed to combat enemy’s UAVs. Production of these systems and drones is a high priority for the enterprise, particularly but not exclusively due to the high export potential.