Combat modules "Shkval" and "Stilet" – intended to arm modernized IFV, designed by UOP SE "Zhytomyr Armored Plant"-  passed works tests at one of the military training areas of Zhytomyr region.

During testing, specialists of "Zhytomyr Armored Plant," other UOP enterprises and specialists of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine analyzed accuracy, speed and efficiency of each combat unit. Such tests allow choosing the best in all respects combat module for further IFV use. Defense Ministry of Ukraine makes the final decision.

Fighting module "Shkval" is equipped with 30-mm cannon ZTM-1 automatic grenade launcher, 7.62-mm machine gun and guided missile weapons, designed to destroy enemy armor at the distance of up to 5 km. At the same time, fighting module "Stilet" is equipped with ZTM-2, reinforced armour and a similar set of weapons.

New digital sighting systems  – OTS-20.04-01 for combat module "Shkval" and Track-2.-01 for to combat module "Stilet" – are responsible for precision of the given modules. Both sighting systems are equipped with a laser range finder and imager, but they use different fire control algorithms.

Firing trials and other tests – conducted on the military training areas and proving grounds will allow specialists of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to receive comprehensive information for a thorough analysis and to make final decision of choosing one of the two modules. As soon as the Defense Ministry makes the final decision forms the order, the SC"UkrOboronProm" is ready to deploy production of modernized IFV for Ukrainian Army.

This will significantly increase the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian Army, which will receive a new infantry fighting vehicle, equipped with modern digital fire control complex, with a powerful arsenal of weapons and Deutz engine, increased security and camouflage, including in the infrared range.