The State Concern "UkrOboronProm" regained trust in domestic military-industrial complex and found partners for its development. This was stated by Deputy Director General for Aircraft Industry and Operations Volodymyr Korobov, founder of "Aeroscraft" Igor Pasternak and the head of SE"Ukroboronservis" Serhiy Mykytyuk during the press conference on Jan. 3.

"1.5 years ago UKROBORONPROM started working with "Aeroscraft," and today our frontiersmen are equipped with modern military equipment and necessary NATO weapons for our Army will be produced in Ukraine ", – said UOP speakers. Adding that in 1.5 years UOP proved its ability to cooperate with foreign companies and implement complex projects in Ukraine.

"We had to arrange the system of import of military products from scratch, facing bureaucratic obstacles. UOP management had to resolve issues with customs and t internal revenue service"- said UOP representatives during the conference.

From now on, when "UkrOboronProm" has supplied the Army with modern surveillance system and demonstrated its ability to cooperation, western partners intrust us technology, investing in the Ukrainian defense industry and implementing new projects.

"This is the first time in my practice when the decision to grant a license for the production of weapons in another country was provided by the US government that quickly. We got a license in a three weeks and we are already working on setting up production of NATO weapons production in Ukraine ", – said Aeroscraft founder Igor Pasternak.

Memorandum on production was formally signed by both parties on January 3 – this is when Ukraine officially starts production of NATO weapons. Considering needs of our military, rifles will be produced with barrels and ammunition under NATO standards, as well as under modifications for ammunition in warehouses.

"UkrOboronProm" is ready to arrange production of different caliber ammunition for  the needs of Ukrainian Army – the relevant projects submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers. As soon as the appropriate decision is made and funding is provided – "UkrOboronProm" will implement this project in 18 months.

"UkrOboronProm" fulfilled the promise and today we are intrusted the technology of small arms production. "We thank our investors and partners for cooperation and confidence in Ukrainian military-industrial complex" – said UOP representatives during the press conference.

It should be noted that supplying Ukrainian army requires legislation changes and simplification of import procedures for both armament and technology.

"Over 1.5 years of cooperation we offer changes. All 34 bills – developed by UOP experts – have solid foundation and aim for qualitative changes. This is not about populism –  the reform, introduced in late 2016, is based on practical experience of real cooperation with partners and has solutions to the problems – both bureaucratic and legal – that arose while establishing cooperation with partners. Investors with whom we work, are willing to invest in the development of the domestic defense industry and joint ventures, but all of these require changes in legislation to enhance development and reform "- summed up the speakers.

The SC "UkrOboronProm" actively cooperates with companies from NATO-countries and mplements international standards at UOP enterprises.