A new a new 3D radar system 35D6M produced at State Enterprise "Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra” in Zaporizhia, was handed over to Ukraine’s Armed Forces.  The new domestic hardware is capable of operating in almost any climatic conditions, including mountainous areas.

The military received modern radar with improved tactical and technical characteristics: longer range, improved trajectory processing parameters and expanded functionality with to hi-end software solutions.

The state-owned enterprise "Iskra" Research and Production Complex has equipped the radar with additional remote workstations for full control at a distance of up to 300 meters. The most important feature is the 35D6M’s ability to operate in almost any climate and in mountainous terrain.

"We have many years of experience in manufacturing and modernization of stations like 35D6, 36D6," chief designer of survey radars of the company Dmytro Semenov says. "Iskra’s highly killed experts provide constant technical support of the 3D radar system throughout the its entire cycle operation on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, which is extremely important for military equipment, which is on duty around the clock uninterruptedly, and helps protecting country’s airspace. The designers of our company are ready to additionally equip and develop a unique version of the radar according to customer needs."

Products by "Iskra" Research and Production Complex, in particular the export version of the 36D6M radar, are well known abroad. According to the company’s director Yuriy Pashchenko, the ability to provide technical support, upgrade and update software is highly valued by foreign partners when they are choosing among other suppliers.