UKROBORONPROM SE "Plant 410 of Civil Aviation" overhauled military transport aircraft An-26, having fulfilled the Armed Forces of Ukraine order.

The specialists of the plant carried out a thorough work on restoring all aircraft systems, so that the fully refurbished and modernized aircraft will strengthen the Ukrainian Air Forces. An-26 also received new electronic equipment, allowing it to participate in joint operations with NATO forces.

"According to the Air Forces requirements, aircraft modernization was carried out, contributing to improvement of communication systems, navigation and on-board equipment. This modernization allows flights on international routes, making it possible for the aircraft to participate in joint operations with NATO forces. Currently, about 1000 specialists work at the SE “Plant 410 of Civil Aviation”, and – as the result of their work – this aircraft is again conquering the sky ", – said Director General of the plant Han’kevych Viktor Volodymyrovych.

"During the overhaul, the aircraft is disassembled, washed and cleaned. The next comes fault detection: each part and unit undergoes a number of inspections and a decision is made on the need for repair or complete replacement. Only after all of the stages mentioned all aircraft systems are assembled, undergoing rigorous testing ", – said First Deputy Technical Director- Production Manager Zhuchenko Viktor Vasyl’ovych.

An-26 transfer was attended by UOP Deputy Director for Security Mykhaylo Kondrat, Director of State Enterprise "Plant 410 of Civil Aviation" Han’kevych Viktor Volodymyrovych, Commander of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Commander of Ukrainian Air Force of Armed Forces, Colonel -General Sergii Drozdov and Chief Air Force Aviation Engineer of Ukrainian Air Force, Major-General Peter Skorenky, as well as representatives of the military unit, where the aircraft will be operated and plant specialists.

During 2014-2016 the enterprise increased net profit by 638%. In 2016 SE “Plant 410 CA” net profit amounted 150.2 million UAH, whereas in 2014 the enterprise had a loss of 23.5 million UAH. In 2016 “Plant 410 CA” successfully passed four recertification and supervisory audits for compliance with the international certificate ISO-9001, NATO AQAP-2120 and regulations PART-145, 145V Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.