Information from Ukroboronprom as of the evening of February 26

Publication date: 26.02.2022

We can’t disclose the details of the situation at our defense enterprises to avoid assisting  the enemy.  But there’s a thing that needs to be said.

All these days Ukroboronprom is handing over weapons and military equipment to our defenders. Yesterday one of the enterprises managed to fly a repaired helicopter, literally under the noses of the Russians.  And you already know that our Air Force has the best pilots!

Dozens of weapons of various nomenclature were transferred to Ukraine’sArmed Forces and National Guard. Including tanks.  And those incomplete vehicles and all trucks — to the Territorial Defense Forces.

Last night, Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the National Security Service, the National Police and the military units, including a Territorial Defense Forces unit of the State Concerb, repulsed enemy’s attempts to break into some enterprises.

The plants are currently operating according to their schedules and algorithms agreed for each enterprise.  In some cases all design and other documentation has been relocated. Ukroboronprom enterprises work 7 days a week, without weekends.

The director of one of Ukroboronprom’s plants, together with Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the National Guard and the Territorial Defense Forces, organized the defense of the plant and the airfield. He organized his Territorial Defense Forces, repulsed five attacks, and already has trophy weapons and shot down two aircraft with a landing troops.

The management of Ukroboronprom is currently working in Kyiv.


Glory to Ukraine!