Former head of the Pentagon Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency becomes Ukroboronprom Adviser

             This cooperation is aimed at introduction of modern armament and military equipment samples into production. Former head of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Anthony Tether became UKROBORONPROM adviser on long-term development. The parties signed the relevant memorandum on August 26.


            UKROBORONPROM reached the top-priority goal on overhaul and reconstitution of the combat equipment.  Now we will enter the next level of technology exchange, producing modern armament and military equipment. As a result – access to new markets and deeper integration into the existing ones”, – said Director General of the SC “Ukroboronprom” Roman Romanov.


           Anthony Tether mentioned that the Iron Curtain, separating Ukraine from the world, fell 25 years ago, though its fragments kept hindering international cooperation in defence industry until the present day.


         “This Memorandum removes all the obstacles, opening the doors to mutually beneficial cooperation and comprehensive development. I am glad to cooperate with UKROBORONPROM. Today we start writing a new page in the history of the rapid development of the defence complex of Ukraine,” – he added.


           The founder of "Aeroscraft" Igor Pasternak shared his own experience of cooperation with the SC "Ukroboronprom." A year ago – together with American company – the State Concern started working towards enhancing security of the borders, and in the nearest future technology transfer will take place.


         “UKROBORONPROM’s potential exceeds the capacities used today. With the support of the US, the State Concern will show that it can produce the most advanced technology for both domestic and export markets,” mentioned Igor Pasternak.


         UKROBORONPROM is developing within the frameworks of the strategy “Ukrainian shield,” focused on high-tech production, transition to international standards (NATO) and supplying the army with modern types of armaments. The State Concern extends cooperation with NATO and EU member countries, as defined by the strategic course of the state.