Production output of UKROBORONPROM  SE “Research and Production Complex “Photoprylad” in 2016 will double due to increased number of orders.

In 2015 the company increased its production output by nearly 30% and average wages by 17%, compared to 2014. Within the framework of the state defense order, in 2015 the company performed a significant amount of repair of sighting systems for tanks "Bulat" and T-64.

Last year the enterprise produced pilot models of devices for missiles’ control, multiweapon fire control systems, detonators for various munitions, navigation and surveillance complex for artillery systems, optical sights 3-9h32 OP, OP 5-16h52, OP 7- 24h75 for small arms etc.

In addition, the enterprise has manufactured a diagnostic device for examination of the retina and cornea of ​​the eye in newborns for the Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy named after V.P.Filatov.

At its own cost, SE RPC "Photoprylad" substitues elements of the mass produced products of the northeastern market for the elements from alternative markets.

The enterprise successfully implemented in business activities electronic trading facility for procurement of materials and components. Production areas were optimized, thus reducing the use of electricity by 10% and the heat by 42%.

Currently, SE RPC "Photoprylad" -together with Ministry of Defense of Ukraine specialists –  is working on the papers to pass collimating sight PK-1M into service.

In 2014 the enterprise management was replaced, and the product was included in the state defense order.

SE “Research and Production Complex “Photoprylad” is the leading high-tech enterprise with the Central Design Bureau "Sokol," as the part of the enterprise. This allows to develop opto-electronic devices, produce prototypes, test those, putting into mass production, modernization and repair, minimizing the costs.