UKROBORONPROM enterprise Kherson State Plant "Pallada" has started testing new modern dock – worth 200 mln UAH – for South Africa. This is the final stage of production: by the end of April new modern dock will be transferred to the customer, and the state will receive currency earnings.

"DORMAC DOCK 1" has a lifting capacity of 8500 tons, the maximum length of 155 m and a width of 32.4 m. Housing dock is made of heavy marine concrete and its conning towers are made of ship steel. This combination of materials allows reducing the operating costs of the dock by 2.5 times, compared to similar steel docks.

Currency earnings from export contracts will be directed for production of necessary equipment for Ukrainian army. Having fulfilled this contract, "Pallada" will have new opportunities for further development, modernization of its production facilities and production of modern weapons and equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kherson State Plant "Pallada" is the unique Ukrainian enterprise, producing military and dual-purpose products. In the past, the plant had wage arrears, reaching 11 MLN  UAH at the beginning of 2015, so almost everybody forecasted pessimistic scenario of its further existence. Due to consistent work of UKROBORONPROM management and effective negotiation of “Pallada” management during international exhibitions, the enterprise signed the largest contract in its history. Today the plant no longer has wage arrears, while working systematically, and its workers are confident in its future development.

The docks, produced by KSP "Pallada," are successfully used in many countries: Japan, South Korea, Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Algeria and others. Now the enterprise has expanded its production capacity and started production of reinforced concrete roadblocks for Ukrainian military.