UKROBORONPROM SE “Kyiv Armored Plant” developed a new grenade gun module for military vehicles. Innovative fire control computer system "Kashtan" – developed by Kyiv "RPE" AT Systems – is designed for remote control of weapon sights with video cameras.

The peculiarity of the system "Kashtan" is that it is based on a universal secure computer electronics and microprocessors. All the modern approaches to automated systems for video surveillance, intelligent processing and image management are used in this development. This system can be connected to cameras of different types.

The system "Kashtan" allows observing the target at the distance of 1800-8000 m in the day-time and 600-2000 m at night. It detects IFV at the distance of 500-4000 meters in just 15 seconds.

Grenade gun module is designed to destroy manpower, vehicles, land and low flying objects. It can be mounted on both wheeled and tracked vehicles, and on stationary objects.

Armament consists of a 30mm automatic gun ZTM-1 or 2A72 with 400 rounds ammunition, gun coaxial machine gun 7.62 CT or PKT with 2000 ammunition rounds, 30 mm automatic grenade launcher AG-17 81mm and a set of setting smoke screens 902V "Khmara". Portable antitank guided missile launcher can be mounted at the request of the customer.

In 2016 UKROBORONPROM holds a course for transition to high-tech manufacturing, international standards (NATO) and supplying the army with modern types of armaments. The State Concern expands cooperation with NATO and the EU countries, as defined by the strategic course of the state.