SE "Mykolayiv Armoured Plant" plans to significantly increase production and financial performance in 2016. This was stated by Director of Mykolayiv Armoured Plant, Mykola Kistrin.

According to him, implementation of the state order to equip Ukrainian army is the plant’s priority this year. At the request of the Ministry of Defence, the plant will overhaul 10 BTRs-80, 10 BTRs-70, 27 BRDMs and will conduct routine repair of 10 BRDMs. In addition, plant designers are developing a sample of turret modernization for BTR-70 (80) and BRDM.

Also in 2016 52 BRDM will be produced for the export market. Machine guns for them are bought already, hulls are manufactured and stored in warehouses of the plant.

"Mykolayiv Armoured Plant" regains its power. We have very ambitious plans for this year. We received large orders from the government and international partners, and we will fulfill all the contracts on time and efficiently", – said Mykola Kistrin.

In 2015 financial and production indicators of the SE "Mykolayiv Armoured Plant" significantly improved. The plant fulfilled the orders for the Ministry of Defence comprehensively. Debts of the enterprise were reduced from 123 million to 28 million. During the second half of 2015, the plant hired 70 new workers; two new production units are put into operation.