UKROBORONPROM Kherson State Plant "Pallada" laid foundation for modern composite floating dock in accordance with the order of "Multimarine Shipyards Ltd." (Cyprus).

According to the project, dock capacity is 7100 tons; its length is 120 meters and immersion depth – 12.2 meters. Combination of two materials is its main feature: shipbuilding concrete is used for the hull and shipbuilding steel is used for the towers.

This solution reduces operating costs by 2-2.5 times compared to similar steel docks. In addition, the dock – manufactured by Kherson shipbuilders – refers to new generation: it can dock ships, intended for island shelf works.

During the celebrations of laying foundation for modern composite floating dock, representatives of the business customer and SC “Ukroboronpom”, the head of the plant “Pallada” Valery Maloman, and director of "Mulimarine Shipyards Ltd." Renos Fokas established mortgage sign.

"Implementation of another large-scale foreign order is the key to a stable and rapid development of Kherson State Plant" Pallada ". Back in April Kherson shipbuilders launched the composite dock to the customer from South Africa. Now the works for Cypriot customers begin. This means that foreign companies consistently buy Ukrainian products and fill the budget of Ukraine ", – said Deputy Director General of the SK" UkrOboronProm " Volodymyr Kostrytskyy after the meeting with foreign customer.