UKROBORONPROM SE "Shipyard named. 61 Communards" specialists completed the main phase of repair and heaved off the missile boat" Pryluky ". This was reported by the plant management.

The enterprise specialists conducted the works to strengthen the capabilities of the combat vessel. In particular, hull repairs, foil unit and trim plane repair, – devices that affect the speed characteristics of the ship. The plant specialists also abraded and painted underwater hull and freeboard of the boat. Repaired and pressure tested fresh water tanks, fuel and oil tanks were cleaned and painted.  As for rudder propeller unit, the plant specialists renovated and performed dye check for microcracks of propellers and shafts, replaced rubber-metal stern liners; back pieces of rudder were faired up and welded. Refrigeration systems’ coolers for the main and auxiliary diesel engines were repaired. Repair of exhaust piping was performed by the plant specialists. Drain system- ensuring service life of the vessel – was also repaired. The main engine control system was repaired.

According to the management of the legendary enterprise, the plant is increasing its production capacity, significantly expanding the scope of its activities. Now the plant specialists are completing repair of the hull of "Svatove”  assault boat, having welded it again.  The plant specialists mastered the repair of armored vehicles’ hulls. Thus, today the plant has sent 2 new BTR hulls to the SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machne-Building Design Bureau,” besides, the plant is working on the 10 BTR-4 hulls production contract and is already restoring damaged in combat actions BMP-1 hulls.  Increase of this order is expected on the part of the military.

Before, the plant hardly received any orders, increasing the debts only. Today the plant specialists are actively engaged in restoring of the operational status of the domestic fleet. The border ship "Gregory Kurop’yatnykov" and the flagship of Ukrainian Navy "Hetman Sahaidachny" frigate are already repaired and began to carry out combat missions for the protection of maritime borders of Ukraine.