The US will give Ukraine the most advanced border control system, and later – the technology to deploy mass production of such systems at UKROBORONPROM enterprises. This was stated by the member of the US Congress Loretta Sanchez, UKROBORONPROM Director General Roman Romanov and founder of "Aeroscraft" Igor Pasternak, as reported at the press conference "USA Military Assistance for Ukraine: the actual state of affairs and prospects."

According to Loretta Sanchez, the US is closely watching the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation. In order to strengthen the position of Ukraine, Americans will give our state not only the necessary equipment, but also the technology to deploy its domestic production.

"We support Ukraine in conditions where it holds the eastern front. US defense budget has funds for defense technologies and equipment for Ukraine. Ukraine must return its territory. We will provide border control systems, but it is important to help Ukraine produce necessary products independently ,"- stressed the member of the US Congress.

UKROBORONPROM Director General Roman Romanov said that the American border control system is one of the most advanced.

"US experts will train our military to use complex directly on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Later, we will have a chance to produce these innovative machines independently, to defend every centimeter of the state border with the help of supermodern systems of domestic production ", – said Roman Romanov.

Unique "border guards" contain multifunction radar system that "sees" at the distance of over 40 km. Each device is equipped with a special camera that can automatically detect and track the target.

UKROBORONPROM Director General stressed that the cooperation agreement between the State Concern and the company "Aeroscraft" s were signed only six months ago, and today, in Ukraine, the necessary works are being completed.

Cooperation between "Ukroboronprm" and "Aeroscraft" outlined the three main stages. The first stage is delivery, assembling of the equipment necessary and staff training. The second one is about manufacture of the given complexes in Ukraine, using US components. The third stage is maximum localization of production and technology transfer.