SC "Ukroboronprom" will help Poltava Region to expand its production capacity and join regional companies to state defense order fulfillment. The relevant memorandum was signed by UKROBORONPROM Director General and Roman Romanov and the Head of Poltava Regional State Administration Valeriy Golovko.

"Today we joined industrial and scientific and technological potential of Poltava region to such an industrial engine as UKROBORONPROM. The state Concern will receive quality and responsible contractors, while the region will benefit from new taxes and jobs ", – said Roman Romanov.

He stressed that Poltava region has not only enormous agricultural, but also industrial, transport and logistics potential. Cooperation between regional enterprises and UKROBORONPROM allows to realize potential of the region by fulfilling import substitution program and the state defense order.

"Today UKROBORONPROM has literally painted over white spot on the map of defense industry of Ukraine. By this time, Poltava had no any defense enterprise. Finally we changed the situation ", – said Roman Romanov.

According to Valeriy Golovko, regional authorities will contribute to implementation of defense order by all enterprises of the region, regardless their ownership form. "This cooperation will bring real money for manufacturers, real investment for the region", – he said.

UKROBORONPROM has already signed 12 memorandums of cooperation with the state administrations and Kyiv; this strategy proved its effectiveness. Launch of "Dozor’s" serial production is happening in record time due to cooperation of 40 Lviv enterprises.  Zhytomyr Armored Plant included 67 enterprises in the production cycle, which earned 18 million UAH for the first 9 months of 2015.

About 80 thousand people work at UKROBORONPROM enterprises. Approximately 200,000 workers are working at related enterprises, in cooperation with the State Concern.