Supervisory Board


Competence of the Supervisory Board:  

1) UOP development strategy and activity stream approval;

2) UOP and its enterprises’ performance control in the sphere of defense industrial complex and military and technical cooperation;  

3) UOP activity stream approval for the next year;

4) UOP investment policy definition, in particular – the State Concern’s assets and investing in assets of the members, branch offices and representative offices;

5) suggesting authorized management body on members’ incorporation and exclusion from the Concern membership;

6) preparation of proposals on amendments for Concern Charter and their submission to the authorized governing body for consideration;  

7) making decisions on setting up of the Concern’s branch and representative offices;  

8) approval of financial and investment plans and indicators of the Concern’s activities, including annual financial and investment plans, as well as investment plans for medium-term prospect (up to 3-5 years);  

9) approval of loans attraction for projects implementation, execution of programs and foreign-economic contracts with Concern participation, if the cost of such projects exceeds the amount of 50,000,000 (fifty million) USA dollars in a relevant currency;  

10) making decisions on reserve and other Concern’s funds creation, determining their formation procedure and use;  

11) making decisions on the Concern participation in state enterprises corporatisation, in the manner, established by the Law;  

12) making decisions on the Concern participation in statutory capital of business entities, other commercial and noncommercial organizations, established on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, aiming to promote the development, production and export of high-technological industrial products, including military products; 

13) approval of the Concern’s Director General decisions on UOP membership termination;  

14) ensuring the Concern payment of the part of its profits (income) to the state budget, in the manner prescribed;  

15) control of effective use and preserving of state property objects, transferred to the Concern management; execution of  financial and economic activities of the Concern;  

16) approval of annual reports of UOP Director General on results of Concern activities and state property objects management in defense industrial complex;  

17) initiating inspections, revisions, and audit of financial and economic activities of the State Concern and its members, and assignation of Concern auditor;  

18) appointment and dismissal of the members of Concern Audit Service;  

19) conclusion and termination of the contract with Director General of the State Concern;

20) proposals submission to the authorized body on Concern’s reorganization or liquidation;

21) implementation of other authorities, foreseen in this Charter, Laws and other normative acts.