The Concern Board of Directors is a collegial governing body.

The Concern Board of Directors consists of Concern Director General, his Deputies, and Concern members’ representatives. The Concern Director General  is the Head of UOP Board of Directors.

The authorities of Concern Board of Directors are:

1) proposals preparation on: directions of Concern activities for the next year and submission of proposals to the Concern’s Supervisory Board; development strategies of the State Concern and its member; investment policy implementation, concerning Concern’s assets and investment in assets of members, branch offices and representative offices; Concern performance indicators and their submission o the Concern’s Supervisory Board;

2) rafting annual financial and investment plans, as well as investment plans, for medium-term prospect (3-5 years) of Concern members and their submission to the UOP Director General;  

3) coordination of Concern members’ current activities;

4) identification of state property, temporarily not used by Concern and its members, and submission the suggestions on its further use to UOP Director General;

5) implementation of other authorities, envisaged by the Charter of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”